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Topic: Options page manager

In the page manager I see nowhere if a page has been Published or not.

Can not the password protecd pages in the site management company and also integrate checkbox for subdirectory and Selecting the Multi the cookies lifetime!

7 years ago
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Topic: Catalog Easy dicuss

Incredibly quickly implemented.
to solve the categories on the side management menu I find very good.

Only now would all layouts can also use the categories to query. So which one reading can from different sides this Categorie.

- Page1 (cat1)
- Page2 (cat1 cat2)
- Page3 (cat2 cat3)

- Page1 (cat1)
- Page2 (cat2)
- Page3 (cat1)

New page
Output all cat1

There are not yet see an error message on my test page.


How to Set Page a manager?

Edited: 7 years ago
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Topic: Catalog Easy dicuss

Thank you very much. That's exactly what I imagined the pictures!

The plugin is brilliant, with huge possibilities.

If you invest in the option pages have categories to be awarded for the pages possibly from a auwahlliste. Had the Catolog plugin enormous potential by being able to put together belibigen with this plugin content.

I could well imagine a mini - Layout - Custom Builder page content determine together.

That would be probably a good Simple Blog spare.

Other possibilities:

  • As a real estate catalog,
  • or images with catalog description,
  • etc.

A great job. Thanks again.

7 years ago
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Topic: Contact Form
When "special contact form" response page is rendered and still, you can resend the form from the reloading of the page. This of course is not good because you should absolutely be found a solution.
7 years ago
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Topic: Contact Form
Exactly, I've found with the special contact form the same problem. That is not OK.
7 years ago
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Topic: Ideas for 5.0rc4

Is it possible in Sections Manager at Insert a new wrapper color to be assigned automatically. that would make for the editor the many wrapper somewhat easier to distinguish.

Is it not possible to directly insert the new element at the ball ends place as always move at the circuit and dan?

Also slightly wider Währe not bad by the four icons, the text almost no space.

For the layout of the area the top Naviliste would not be bad so that would look not change constantly and you could easily switch between settings. now you have to close the page always first to get to the extras and layout


7 years ago
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Topic: 5.0rc1 layout

Hallo Jürgen 

Sorry, ich verstehe dein Tipp nicht so recht, kannst du mir das noch auf Deutsch Erklären.

7 years ago
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Topic: TS 5.0rc1 Image elements absolutely useless

Please can the text-image element that image element pack in a Section wrapper. So it is suitable. Until the module of them have changed. There is a small but effective measure.

Thank you for your help.


<div class="Wrapper_section">


      <div class="Wrapper_section">




Edited: 7 years ago
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Topic: 5.0rc1 layout

The error message when I click save.


Access denied by security policy

Your request is blocked by a security policy rule.

Please contact the support team, [email protected] and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Please provide the following information to our support team: ...| ... | 24.02.2016 02:48:52
7 years ago
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Topic: how to update a existing beta with contents?
Only include directory in include-old and rename the new copieren include folders from 5.0rc3.
7 years ago


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