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Topic: 5.0rc1 layout

This problem is not yet resolved.

1. the Leaping SCSS editing area is under Chrome 48 is still present.

2. Also you can not save entered.

7 years ago
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Topic: Forum problem


Forum are all older images away. What could be the reason? Browser cache I have repeatedly deleted.

Edited: 7 years ago
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Topic: TS 5.0rc1 Image elements absolutely useless

So there is another solution. Man puts the image in a Section wrapper and gives an example gpCol-4.

Only this can not be the final solution and hope the image module will be revised anyway Josh.

7 years ago
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Topic: not stored in the image

For Carousel Gallery there is a Version 1.2.4 updated for Typesetter 5.0 


Slider Factory and problem full windows 

I have also found and already reported Jürgen.
7 years ago
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Topic: Suggestion for TS 5.0

Another problem are the many plugins are no longer available for the installation of TS5.x and some that can be installed but not working properly.

I can not update because the plugin is not working some website.

For example, one of the most important is the special ContactForm you can manually install but it will not create a form.

A list that are no longer offered under 5.x to install plugins. Not all tested.

The more stars the more important for me.

  • Easy Comments
  • Anti Spam Math
  • Wallpaper Changer**** (is working)
  • Publication Date
  • Password Protected Pages****
  • AntiSpamSFS
  • PrevNextNav
  • Special Contact Form***** (no working)
  • SocialSharePrivacy
  • Media Player Advance
  • FreeMailForm
  • jsCalendar
  • Sample Theme Admin Plugin
  • Page Protect***
  • Newsletter Plugin*****
  • Simple Colorizer
  • Mini Poll
  • Download-Script****
  • Tag Cloud
  • Simple Gallery Extended
  • Shadow Box Gallery
  • Minishop
  • RandomImage
  • GPdebug
  • Simple Private Message Board
  • Search Engine Highlighter*
  • Plugin Examples
  • Print Friendly ***
  • Pre Order
  • EasyMimeTex
  • Younes
  • Un-Special Contact Form
  • FrontEndUser

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Topic: Suggestion for TS 5.0

Hello Josh

Thank you for your understanding of the problem. But why move to a version 5.1, version 5.0 is no hurry yes. It would be nice to have a working version covering the basic needs well. With version 5.0 Typestter could start by really.

The trouble with the Image element is not only that it is not flexible but also not suitable for Responsive. Once I would like to look at the site on a Taplet or Smartphone, the images have to be adjusted accordingly and that is not possible with this tool. Therefore my statement that it is actually useless.

You have a lot of expenses operated Bootstrap LCSS and build Scss with the layouts for flexible websites but somewhat neglected the most important images.

Images are now one of the most important design features for web sites with the
Typesetter to be built.

Therefore my suggestion necessarily the image module and image gallery with all the trimmings, revise already for version TS5.0.

Possibly others still have other ideas.

Thank you for your tireless improvements for one of the best open source CMS.

7 years ago
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Topic: In the TS 5.x I miss Current page-> Editable area.

Hello Josh

The problem is when I copy a wrapper in the Section Manager and want to manage in then, he edited the wrong elements.

See image

I'd like Element 3 edit, but it is edited 1 element.

The label is also so, mouse touches 3 element gray but the red border is around the 1 element.

I have to finish first and then you can edit the correct item.

This effect, there was already up to version 4.6.1 TS.


7 years ago
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Topic: In the TS 5.x I miss Current page-> Editable area.

Hello Josh

Until version TS4.6.1 there was the Editable area-> Manage sections.

This I find not in the version TS5.x.

Write a extra content in this I can not find this element.

These areas I can not edit.

It true very helpful this Editable area-> Manage sections.

I appreciate your work very much for Typesetter a great CMS with some small inconsistencies.




Edited: 7 years ago
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Topic: TS 5.0rc1 Image elements absolutely useless

Hello Josh

Sorry, for my harsh words. However, I really do not know how I can use this element, that it is a reasonable picture. The images are cut ALWAYS and only a small portion of the image visible. Of course, depending on the size of the image. However, I invite all images in the size of minimum 1200px.

Maybe you can show us how to use this element properly.

Visible 400x300px

Image is 1200x800px

How can I get this in the width of 400x300px now ???

Tested in Firefox 43.



Edited: 7 years ago
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Topic: In the TS 5.x I miss Current page-> Editable area.

1. Es gibt Situationen, die nicht Sie mehr auf das Stiftsymbol Zoom bekommen und dan kann dieses Element nicht mehr bearbeiten.

2. Wenn ich einen Bereich in den Abschnitten Manager kopieren und versuchen zu arbeiten, ist immer Produziert die darüberliegende, die an die Redaktion sehr verwirrend ist.
Muss man zuerst schließen je nach Alle kopieren und nur dan Sie das Element bearbeiten können.

3. Die Sektionen-Manager fortgesetzt Bedinungshürden. Warum ist immer ein Element auf den Abschluss eingefügt können Sie nicht in den Bereich klicken und es direckt das gewünschte Element einzufügen.

(Auch hier kein Symbol für Bilder hier im Editor herunterladen. In Chrome 48)


Bitte, bitte, BITTE Josh, überarbeiten Standard-Bildschirm Desktop-Elemente und Text-Bild-Element oder durch ResponsivImage ersetzen.

Siehe Proble hier:

Edited: 7 years ago


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