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Topic: History 4.6.b3
Wie ich unter Githup sehe, hat Josh das schon eingebaut mit Icons aber ohne Farben. Schade!
7 years ago
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Topic: Back2Top Button for Beta Testers
Danke vielmal für die Super Arbeit mit diesem Plugin. Und die vorbildliche kurz Anleitung.
7 years ago
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Topic: Back2Top Button for Beta Testers

WOW, wow du überraschst uns immer wieder mit neuen unglaublichen Plugins.

Danke vielmal.

Eine kleine Anregung hätte ich da noch. Beim einblenden des Button die Transparenz festlegen z.B. 20% -50% jetzt ist die Transparenz ja auf 80% fixiert, übrigens

.gp_Back2Top.b2t-show:hover {





ist doppelt vorhanden.

7 years ago
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Topic: History

Hello Josh
How can I access the Administration page on the History?

There is no way to do this ???

Edited: 7 years ago
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Topic: History 4.6.b3

The History is the understandable Super Gestalltung another.
I find the whole admin section Current something should be designed. The History Publishing and discard. It shall enter on the website a fixed list with the most important information and links. There is one way or another constantly displays a yellow information bar. Here's a quick idea of design is not yet mature, the symbols or icons should be implemented with the Font Awesome. 

Idee for gpEasy Admin

Edited: 7 years ago
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Topic: Scroll to Top button problems

Hallo Jürgen

Also ich habe das Problem gefunden. Wenn ich die Chrome Erweiterung  AdBlock aktiv habe wird der Button nicht angezeigt. Ich habe aber noch 2 weitere Erweiterungen Adblock Plus und Adblock Pro aktiv bei diesen funktioniert der Button. 


7 years ago
Post: 8350
Topic: Scroll to Top button problems

Hallo Jürgen

Leider funktioniert es unter Chrome 46 immer noch nicht. Firefox 42 und IE11 ist OK.


7 years ago
Post: 8345
Topic: Scroll to Top button problems

Das Tool gibt einen Fehler aus und das Icon wird nicht angezeigt.

User Notice (1024)
gpEasy Error: Addon class doesn't exist. Addon: Back2Top. class: Back2Top::Gadget
    in: /volume1/web/cms-ohne-db/gpEasy_4.6b3/include/tool/gpOutput.php
    on line: 602
    Request: /cms-ohne-db/gpEasy_4.6b3/
    Method: GET
Show Backtrace
array( [0] => array( [file] => (string)/volume1/web/cms-ohne-db/gpEasy_4.6b3/include/tool/gpOutput.php [line] => (integer)602 [function] => (string)trigger_error [args] => (string)array(1) ) [1] => array( [file] => (string)/volume1/web/cms-ohne-db/gpEasy_4.6b3/include/tool/gpOutput.php [line] => (integer)538 [function] => (string)ExecError [class] => (string)gpOutput [type] => (string):: [args] => (string)array(3) ) [2] => array( [file] => (string)/volume1/web/cms-ohne-db/gpEasy_4.6b3/include/tool/gpOutput.php [line] => (integer)489 [function] => (string)_ExecInfo [class] => (string)gpOutput [type] => (string):: [args] => (string)array(2) ) [3] => array( [file] => (string)/volume1/web/cms-ohne-db/gpEasy_4.6b3/include/tool/gpOutput.php [line] => (integer)458 [function] => (string)ExecInfo [class] => (string)gpOutput [type] => (string):: [args] => (string)array(2) ) [4] => array( [file] => (string)/volume1/web/cms-ohne-db/gpEasy_4.6b3/include/tool/gpOutput.php [line] => (integer)777 [function] => (string)ExecArea [class] => (string)gpOutput [type] => (string):: [args] => (string)array(1) ) )

7 years ago
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Topic: Layout Editor Resizable - plugin attached
Super finite. This should necessarily in the final version.
7 years ago
Post: 8339
Topic: gpEasy_4.6b3

Thank you for these 3 beta, with new possibilities.
The History of the Publish Draft would also be useful to have in the Page Sorter.

Great work.

7 years ago


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