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Topic: No Error but a Warning Message from PHP

Hi, i had have read about the Warning Message which caused by the sermons.php on line 123. Its only a Warning Message and not an Error!

In line 123 is array_pop() function, that removes an element off the end of an array. The removed element is returned.

So far i now hope that to fully understand, at the End is no such element, which could be removed. The first one seems to be the Varible $speaker (ex.: Jon Doe) and the second is null. But PHP expected 1 or better one more!

I really don't know, because I am not a php programmer. But one question is, isn't  it possible to get rid of this Warning Message? Because the longer it produce this Warning Messages, as more the Error Log File is growing! And the second much more importend question for me is, whats about the performance of the Server? Did this Warning Message automatic produce CPU usage at my Hoster, is that possible?

Thanks, and Kind regards


6 years ago
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Topic: Admin Errors Log, Entry from Plugin Sermons 1.3

Hi i am again! The Error seems not really an Error, but an Warning Message. I was interessted to find out the meaning of the "error Message"

I found that page, to read about:

I am not a PHP Programmer, but so far i understand that,  the array is shortened to much, so it becomes complete empty ("null"), but expected is "1"! which than cause the Warning Message.

The solution seems to be a reset function. If you like read more about at the provided link above.

Thanks, warm regards


6 years ago
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Topic: Admin Errors Log, Entry from Plugin Sermons 1.3

Hi, i just want to let you know about an Error, which shows up in my Admin Errors Log file. There are some entrys which look like that.

PHP Warning: array_pop() expects parameter 1 to be array, string given in /home/XXXXXXX/data/_addoncode/09q3c1j/Sermons.php on line 123

But the Plugin is still working fine on the Website itself!

Thanks, and warm regards


6 years ago
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Topic: Admin Log, Error Message from Plugin Next Previous Page Walk

I Just want to let you know, about an Error wich shows up multiple times (+>50), on my Website under "Admin_Errors/log"!

Which all than look like that:

Please Note: The following errors are not limited to your installation of gpEasy.

[26-Nov-2014 10:27:16 Europe/Berlin] PHP Warning: Missing argument 1 for plugin_function() in /home/XXXXXX/public_html/data/_addoncode/kghlozr/gethead.php on line 10 [26-Nov-2014 10:34:27 Europe/Berlin] PHP Warning: Missing argument 1 for plugin_function() in /home/.............. and so on....

But by the way, the Plugin is still working on the Frontend of my Site, with no problems at all!

Warm regards



6 years ago
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Topic: Using Simple Blog Plugin with AntiSpamSFS 1.3

Hello fly06,

first thank you very much for your fast reply. And the tip with the Screenshot. Yes, this was very helpful for me.



7 years ago
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Topic: Using Simple Blog Plugin with AntiSpamSFS 1.3

I installed the AntiSpamSFS 1.3 Plugin, configured it at "Edit Config". There i had have create a new Form for the Blog Article Add Comments.  Am I now have protected the Blog Artikel Add Comments? Have i had do it right? I am unsure!

That is what i have had selected and typed in in Home>Administrator>Manage Forms:

At General:

Name :             Blog

Published:      yes

Description:  Against Blog Spamming

Hook:              AntiSpam_Check

At Control:

Pagetitel:         Blog (special_blog)

At Criteria:

Use Email:       yes

Email Alias:     nl_email

Username:      No (by the Way, in the Configuration Sektion i have had selected Names : No Email: yes IP: yes)

Username Alias: i leave it blank


many Thanks





7 years ago
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Topic: Simple Blog with Spam Protection

Hi, i use gpeasy for my private Website and really like it. Also i use the "Simple Blog" Plugin and the Option that allows visitors to comment my articles. Since more than a week "bad boys" using it to spam. Now i decide to disallow the comment Option completely.

The Solution to this could eventually really simple

1. Visitors read articles

2. They comment

3. The Admin will informed about, log into the Blog Admin, and decide what comment will be visible and which not

many Thanks

7 years ago


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