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Topic: Simple Blog: First steps?


Here is my gpEasy site I am currently working on:

Are there any docs or tutorials available to help me get started with Simple Blog?

What I want to do is feature this on the Home page and keep it updated.  I am just not sure how this works in relation to other CMS blogs I have used before.  I am not seeing a way to edit previous posts or delete previous entries for instance.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



7 years ago
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Topic: gpEasy Newbie having initial problems-Layouts, etc


Thanks for the response.  Yes that is helpful.  I am learning more about how gpEasy works and also taking some online courses in HTML, CSS and PHP to help me become more confident in working with my websites.

One of the things I have been doing is going through the various pages and looking at the code and commenting out some of the statements to see how things are  changed as a result and to get a handle on the relation of elements, etc.

Thanks again for all of the support.

Best Regards,


7 years ago
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Topic: 4.3 Beta 1 Include Folder problem


I was excited to see the news about the 4.3 beta so I loaded it up on my site. For some reason something in the Include folder is causing the site not to display properly. I reinstalled the stable version to my new site and re-installed it to make sure things were running properly.  I then replaced the include folder and the site was broken again. Reverting back to the older include folder fixed the issue.

Here is a short video illustrating what I did and the result..



7 years ago
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Topic: gpEasy Newbie having initial problems-Layouts, etc

I see the theme.php file but am having trouble locating the CSS for the theme.
I did find something called cache that has a lot of different CSS files there but nit sure which ones to look at to make the changes.

Also I am having some trouble understanding how to get a Plugin created page to show up in the navigation.
Specifically wanting to create a Simple Blog specific page.

Thanks again for your help!


7 years ago
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Topic: gpEasy Newbie having initial problems-Layouts, etc


I am a new user of gpEasy and am very excited about the potential and ease of use.
I am working on a new site: for some friends of mine.

Coming from another CMS (Pixie) I am having some difficulty grasping some of the basic principles in using gpEasy.  The areas I am having trouble with are working with layouts and understanding the function of the sidebar blocks and how to manage them (add, edit, name, delete, position, etc.).  Also I am confused as to how to properly use the Theme, Page Manager and Layout manager.  I have installed some themes but would like to know how to remove ones that I no longer wish to use to save confusion.

I am mainly working with the initial theme and have managed to change the graphic image on the home page.  Also I have created a small screencast video to illustrate my areas of trouble.


Thanks for any assistance.  I am trying to work through some of the documentation and other tutorials so any help is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Simeon Amburgey

7 years ago


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