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Topic: Page/ section cannot be edited directly

Hello juergen,


sorry for the late response - I was on a business trip.


I Filtered by ERROR in Web Console and received the following (please note, that is just a replacement for the actual and existing domain!):

10:16:11.700 [Mitteilungsdetails anzeigen/ausblenden] TypeError: c.get(...) is undefined[Weitere Informationen] jquery.min.js line 2 > eval:463:20
$gp.links.SectionEdit line 2 > eval:463:20


The link from [Weitere Informationen] goes to



Does this help?! Alternatively I may be stupid to use the console....

If it helps you, I can also give you the login details for the webpage with a seperate user and you can check out the issue by yourself?


Thanks and cheers.

2 years ago
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Topic: Page/ section cannot be edited directly

Hello juergen,


yes, I am using plugins - the following are used:

  • Simple Search (Version 1.3.7)
  • Multi-language Manager (Version 1.2.2)
  • Explot-Checker (Version 1.0)
  • Shadowbox Gallery (Version 1.1)

But not a plugin called 'File Include Source Link' - never heard of it before and according to my knowledge it was also never installed.

2 years ago
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Topic: Page/ section cannot be edited directly

Thanks a lot for your kind message!


Do you get any JavaScript errors when trying to edit such a section? (IE11 press F12 and activate the 'Console' tab)

>> Yes, there is an error showing up, please see below:


$gp.LoadEditor(c.get(0).href, a, d);
a = b.offset().top;

Die Eigenschaft "href" eines undefinierten oder Nullverweises kann nicht abgerufen werden.



SCRIPT5007: Die Eigenschaft "href" eines undefinierten oder Nullverweises kann nicht abgerufen werden.

Datei: eval code (19), Zeile: 463, Spalte: 5


Will copied sections then remain editable or do you always need to create a new copy?

>> I always need to create a new copy once I want to edit a section - even a previously newly duplicated/ edited one.

Does it happen to all or only certain section types?

>> It happens to all sort of sections.

Edited: 2 years ago
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Topic: Page/ section cannot be edited directly

Hello together,


I have a problem since quite some time - I thought that it might be browser/ computer related, yet I now think it is a Typesetter issue as it occurs also from other networks, computers and browsers.

The issue occurs when I try to edit a page/ section as per below:


Step 1: Go to page one wants to edit, click the ‘page’ button at the top of the page.

Step 2: Within the opening field, choose the section and try to edit the page by clicking the pencil

-> Nothing happens, the page/section cannot be edited.


Work-around to still edit a page/ section:

Step 1: Duplicate the section one wants to edit

Step 2: Delete the original section

Step 3: Edit the ‘new’ section by clicking on the pencil to edit

-> Page/ section can be edited.


Can anyone help with this issue, resp. can show me how to fix it?

I very sadly miss the details. If I remember correctly, the issue occured after an update to Version 5.x (quite some time ago).


Thanks a lot in advance!

2 years ago
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Topic: Typesetter 5.0 -


Dear Admin,


I just wanted to update from TS 4.6 to 5.0 (no further changes on the server, PHP version, etc.) within the integrated updater and received in step 3 (out of 4) of the update process the following error message occured:

Den Code entpacken und ersetzen.

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'UnexpectedValueException' with message 'Cannot create phar '', file extension (or combination) not recognised or the directory does not exist' in ##link_to_path##cms/include/tool/Archive.php:60 Stack trace: #0 ##link_to_path##cms/include/tool/Archive.php(60): PharData->__construct('') #1 ##link_to_path##cms/include/tool/Archive.php(34): gp\tool\Archive->InitTar() #2 ##link_to_path##cms/include/tool/update.php(735): gp\tool\Archive->__construct(NULL) #3 ##link_to_path##cms/include/tool/update.php(659): update_class->UnpackAndSort(NULL) #4 ##link_to_path##cms/include/tool/update.php(475): update_class->UnpackAndReplace() #5 ##link_to_path##cms/include/tool/update.php(107): update_class->Update() #6 ##link_to_path##cms/include/tool/update.php(83): update_class->Run in ##link_to_path##cms/include/tool/Archive.php on line 60


Can you maybe help with the above? Thanks in advance.




4 years ago
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Topic: [4.0] Bug within the page/site manager with special characte

Josh, any chance to implement a fix in the upcoming gpEasy version for the above mentioned bug?


Thanks in advance!

7 years ago
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Topic: [4.0] Bug within the page/site manager with special characte
Greatm thanks Eric! Will check that out :-)
7 years ago
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Topic: [4.0] Bug within the page/site manager with special characte

Hi Josh,


I just encountered a small bug within the page manager, while creating a website. If the page URL contains the character '&', you cannot rename/ edit the details of the page anymore.

To help you understand how to reproduce the bug, kindly do the following:


1) Go to your page/ site manager

2) Create a page named 'Parties & Drinks'

3) Log-out of gpEasy and again log-in

4) Try to rename the created page in the page/ site manager to e.g. 'Parties and Drinks'. No chance to rename the page in the site/ page manager.


Would be great, if you would have fix for that. Had that on another webserver as well and thought, that maybe the server configuration was the problem... but it seems, the bug is within gpEasy. Any chance for a fix or can you let me know, how I can otherwise rename the page URL?


7 years ago
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Topic: Bootstrap (3) Theme support

Thanks Josh and Eric for your kind and fast replies.


Really appreciate your support for Bootstrap/ LESS! As you mentioned, this is the future and the earlier, the better (as long as it is stable *haha*).

Being really happy, that we as users can expect some further Bootstrap Themes in the near future - will be amazing!

7 years ago
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Topic: Bootstrap (3) Theme support

Hello Admin,


I just recently checked, that the guys of Bootstrap released a RC1 for Bootstrap 3 (, which has many, many changes. But especially one, I believe is the cherry-picker: Bootstrap 3 is mobile first.

As Bootstrap templates were integrated by you in the last major release, I wanted to ask several things:

1) Will the templates currently being integrated within gpEasy be updated to v3 (or replaced by the examples provided on the website)? If so, is there a chance to get a round-about date when to expect this?

2) I saw, that you were working on Github regarding the support of .less-files ( As I am not really into coding: It looks, that gpEasy will be fully supporting Bootstrap? (Another sign: In the gallery carousel, the responsive design specifically gets mentioned :-) )

3) Follwing question 2: Does that mean, that there will be an easier way to integrate Bootstrap templates into gpEasy, without having them to modify specifically for gpEasy? If not, would that be possible to add on the roadmap?

There are soooooo many great free templates available (e.g. or , etc.) which would be great to have with the gpEasy-System as this would give the real website power!


Thanks again for all your continuing support so far! I am sure, I am not the only one who is already really happy to have gpEasy!


7 years ago


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