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Topic: Sorting error

When it is selected sorting on file size, I see this order


4 years ago
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Topic: Still have a problem

I am terribly Sorry, It's work fine. It's because I have no images on child pages

Maybe it is also a reason for such view in Cards Reveal layout?


4 years ago
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Topic: Still have a problem

It's better now

But I can't see my "Lorem Ipsum" from child pages

4 years ago
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Topic: Still have a problem

Reveal cards don't work too, but gives another error:

sect_options['EC_id'].$item['title']; ?>


Sortable portfio and Portfio gallery are OK

Edited: 4 years ago
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Topic: Still have a problem

Hi, glad to hear from you

I have also 

Simple Blog

Simple Slideshow


4 years ago
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Topic: Still have a problem

I have TS 5.0.3, CatalogEasy 1.8.3,  Material Cards 1.1

I made a clear installation of TS, insert the CatalogEasy section and set Catalog layout -> Material Cards. I have two child pages to show in CatalogEasy, but all I can see is


What should I do to make MС work as it should?


4 years ago
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Topic: ImageMarker 1b1

First of all. It is a great plugin. But I have some suggestion for it.

I always get 100% of container width and height for image regardless its values in pixels (600x600)

So I have added section attribute for component wrapper

style: max-width: 600px; max-height: 600px

It give me more reasonable result

May be it must be a default solution in plugin?

4 years ago
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Topic: Error after update to 2.0
Thank You! All work fine now.
5 years ago
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Topic: Error after update to 2.0

I have a problem after update to ver. 2.0

type Parsing Error (4) message syntax error, unexpected '*', expecting ',' or ';' file /hosting/b12-36991/data/www/ line 9 request / addon_name Simple Online Visitor addon_id 127 time 1474919660 request_method GET

5 years ago
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Topic: Can't use

That is what I see when try to use Material Cards layout. Another layouts of Catalogeasy work fine.

Do I do something wrong?

5 years ago


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