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Topic: Filter names

Thank You!

It work just fine.

5 years ago
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Topic: Filter names

Is it possible to add automatic conversion of "_" to space symbol in CatalogEasy filter name when it shown on page?

This will allow to easily create two(and more)-words filter names.

Edited: 5 years ago
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Topic: Colorbox problem

Thank You!

I have read in posts something about this new feature of TS  but didn't associate it to my problem. May be this solution should be in FAQ? 


5 years ago
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Topic: Colorbox problem

I have found a problem with Colorbox after updating from TS 4.x to TS 5.x

In my theme template I have lines

   <?php  common::AddColorBox(); ?>

And I have successfully use link with class="fotobox" to open images in colorbox style on TS 4.x.

But on TS 5.x this  no longer work.

May be I need to make some changes in template?

5 years ago
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Topic: Problem with CatalogEasy elements arrangement

Thank You a lot!

It really Ok.

Now I can remove all my ugly workarounds in css!!!

5 years ago
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Topic: Problem with CatalogEasy elements arrangement

Thanks for Your efforts

1. I can confirm that problem with rows overlapping is gone

2. Problem with settings of top position of images is still here in case of different numbers of titles rows 

Edited: 5 years ago
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Topic: Problem with %20 in thumb path

There is a problem with %20 in Catalogeasy generated thumb path


When I use TS thumbs it can show image from dir with %20 in name.

When I use Catalogeasy generated thumb I see broken image logo.

5 years ago
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Topic: Problem with CatalogEasy elements arrangement

Maybe it's important? It happens on new .scss theme. 

And looks like 

        height: 200px; //my custom size of images in catalogue

is a ruff workaround for me.

But I am not sure. Anyway I still don't see overlapped images after dozen of page reloads.

5 years ago
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Topic: Problem with CatalogEasy elements arrangement


I can confirm that elements arrangement  is OK. But element headers (1 and 2 strings ) still set its places only after window resize.


Reload page


Resize page


And I am terrible sorry, but I still see no icon. Even on on-line server with clear TS cache and in browser Private mode.

Anyway thanks for your great plugin and efforts to make it better




After some time problem with header alignment goes away itself...  Maybe it was due to slow internet connection? But icon is still missed.




Ooops... Now I can see page like this.

I guess it may be due to slow wi-fi connection, but it does not appears on my previous site with older CatalogEasy version. Or it is some "cache magic"?


Edited: 5 years ago
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Topic: Problem with CatalogEasy elements arrangement

I have a strange problem with CatalogEasy elements arrangement

Once page displayed catalogue looks like this. It's wrong and looks like a bug


But after resizing of browser window (last Opera = Chromium) Catalogue transforms to its normal view.


And I still have a problem with Catalogeasy section icon in section editor.


TS - 5.0.2. CatalogEasy - 1.8.2

Installation on local server and live server - both have same problem.

5 years ago


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