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Topic: One more problem


Please try this:

#content h2.myguestbook_name, #content input#myguestbook_name, #content textarea#myguestbook_text, #content div.myguestbook_info, #content div.myguestbook_text, #content form.myguestbook_form { font-family: Georgia; font-size:12px; }

#content h2.myguestbook_name { margin:5px; font-size:14px; }

Edited: 10 years ago
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Topic: One more problem

добрый день

I fixed the problem with different language charachters. Please try the updated guestbook plugin 1.3.

Thanks for finding out.

10 years ago
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Topic: Comment function for Simple Blog


Nearly perfect.

Just 3 little things:

Why don't you use the Captcha if the user is registrated to?

Not every language uses one word for 1 (Singular) and another word for more than 1 (Plural). So I think it is better to use only 1 word. If at least one comment is postet to write like "Comments: <number>".

I would wish the "Add Comment"-button on the left inside a <td colspan="2">.


10 years ago
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Topic: Colorbox Styling

Hi @all !

Wouldn't it be great to change the style of colorbox matching to your template design?

On the colorbox website are offered 5 examples.

Maybe you fit them to gpeasy and let the user choose in the Admin Configuration.

Thanks :D


10 years ago
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Topic: Comment function for Simple Blog

Hi @all !

I just had in my mind how amazing it would be to comment each blog post.

We are so used to read comments after every article. And it is so nice to read what other people are thinking.

What do you think about this feature in Simple Blog?

Stefan :D

Edited: 10 years ago
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Topic: multiple sites not working

Um welche Adresse geht es denn genau?

Die Seite "" ist doch bereits mit einer Joomla Installation belegt.

In welchem Ordner sind denn die gpeasy Dateien? Laut deiner Beschreibung müsste es in "" oder in "" sein, aber da ist nichts. Ich frage deshalb, weil nur dort dahinter die erweiterte Installation sein sollte.

Die Adresse "" bringt den von Dir beschriebenen Fehler. Der ist meiner Meinung nach logisch, weil die Symlinks von dort nicht auf die eigentliche gpeasy Installation zeigen können.

Ich denke, wenn du gpeasy in einen neuen Ordner installierst, z.B. in "/var/www/html/user/html/gpeasy/", so dass gpeasy unter der Adresse "" zu erreichen ist, dann dürfte es kein Problem darstellen, mithilfe von Multiple Sites eine erweiterte Installation durchzuführen auf z.B. "/var/www/html/user/html/gpeasy/test" mit der resultierenden Adresse "".

Herzliche Grüße

10 years ago
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Topic: multiple sites not working

Dear Carsten!

When you make a new installation in the Setup of the Multiple Site Plugin you have to be sure to put in the correct destination path.

Make sure to write the correct path of your existing gpeasy installation and then add a new folder.

For example:

Path of your current gpEasy installation "/home/.sites/1765227294/site15490/web/gpEasy/"

The new sitename should be "test" so you put in the destination folder "/home/.sites/1765227294/site15490/web/gpEasy/test"

PS.: You'll see the correct full path when you login to your site via FTP.

Regards to Bremen

10 years ago
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Topic: Adding IDs to Simple_Search addon for custom designs

WOW !!! Amazing!

Thanks! :D

10 years ago
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Topic: Adding IDs to Simple_Search addon for custom designs

At first I wan't to thank you for implementing classnames!

But I really was hoping that you remove the style=width:90% !

I can imagine that old stylesheets look better. But wasn't it ment to remove the cruel style definition inside the html file. That's why now we have the class to style it like we want in every stylesheet of every design.

Please, please, please remove it.

Now you just have to update the stylesheets of the design templates. Maybe with div.gpArea_Simple_Search input.text { width: 90% }


10 years ago
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Topic: Adding IDs to Simple_Search addon for custom designs

I totaly agree and would be very lucky about this change!

But please be so kind to remove the <br /> between input type=text and input type=submit.

Thanx! :D

Edited: 10 years ago


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