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Topic: Problem using url panel in editor text: button OK

Hello mabu, thank you for your reply.

As I wrote, if you click on the LINK icon/button to transform a text in hypertext, in the little panel (screenshot), the OK button doesn't work. I insert the url and... the button OK is dead.

Typesetter version 5.1.

CKeditor the version downloaded with Typesettercms 5.1 (I didn't install update or plugins).

Websites are on server using php 7.4 or higher. But I dont think the problem is the server. The problem is the browser. I'm experiencing this on Safari but not on Google Chrome (Mac OS: Monterey 12.4).

Maybe could I update something on Ckeditor?

Thank you for suggestions.


6 months ago
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Topic: Problem using url panel in editor text: button OK


on several websites I created for my customers, in the editor text - the URL/LINK panel, the OK button doesn't work. 

Pressing OK, nothing happens. 

It arrives on Safari. 

With Chrome all good.

Suggestions to fix it?

Thank you.



6 months ago
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Topic: Gallery Sorting Order of recent added: on top page

Thank you.

I'm working on Typesetter 5.1 and the code of the page gallery_edit_202.js is very different from your suggestions. I tried, but... I need more help, please.

My idea is to have a single gallery (pictures) or a list of galleries (page: Galleries) always ordered from the most recent to the oldest. 

If I add a picture to a gallery, it must be always at the first place top left. 

In the case of Galleries the order must not to change if I edited one of them. 

Thank you again.



4 years ago
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Topic: Gallery Sorting Order of recent added: on top page


is there a way to change the sorting order of pictures added in a gallery?

And the same about the order of the added galleries in the Galleries page?

Newest pictures or galleries could be, in my project, on top page, without the use of the drag-n-drop function.

I tried to find in the code the right place for this, but maybe I'm blind :)

Thank you.



4 years ago
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Topic: Slider factory evolution: 4-5 pictures in 1 slide


do you think it is possibile to create a logo slider/carousel starting from slider factory?

I'm creating a website for a soccer team and they'd like to have sponsors in a carousel, 4-5 logos together under eyes, scrolling left.

Link for a demo founded in the web:

Thank you.

5 years ago
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Topic: Video not in background but just in Section?


is there a way to have the video not like background in all website, but just like a section wherever I want to insert it?

For example to use it like part of slider factory plugin (slide 1: video, slide 2: picture, slide 2: picture...)

I saw several Wordpress and others templates mixing this.

I'm building a website where in home page i have the plugin slider factory in use, and the first slide I'd like it'll be a video .m4v.

thank you



6 years ago
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Topic: ReCaptcha problem


i'm experiencing the same problem of another user.

Setting the reCaptcha anti spam method, the form gives to me an error. 

6 years ago
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Topic: Calendar field


is it possible to insert calendar field? For example an arrival and departure day, in case of B&B?


6 years ago
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Topic: Multilanguage special contact form


I think this great plugin is missing the multi language admin: I founded the way to insert it working hard in the code, but it's not the best way, of course in the vision of future update of the plugin... 



6 years ago
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Topic: Zoom + fade out

Hi Juergen.


great job! I see it just now and I tried to add this on my website. It works... of course :)

I have only another question: if I see the website on a monitor 1920 pixel wide resolution, pictures are cutted in a way (top and bottom) that the kenburns effect doesn't show (doesn't enter) these zones.

If I resize the window to simulate another more little wide resolution, I see the cutted zones top/bottom and ken burns works on the entire picture. I don't know If I explained myself... I could send to you an online example, but I prefer it in anonymous way... an email?

thank you.


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