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Topic: Easy responsive design?

Since I haven't tested my themes on a representative range of devices, I left out the tag responsive design, though in all likelyhood they will. They look the least like business sites, but that's just a matter of dressing. and


They represent my first steps dabbling in gp|easy and thus might lack gadget / popular plugin CSS. Again. Dressing :)

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Topic: Bloat Source


 <!-- Here starts main content -->
 |  <div id="gpx_content" class="filenum-1 cf">
 |  |  <div class="GPAREA filetype-text">
 |  |  |   <div class="teaser">
 |  |  |   |  
 |  |  |    </div>
 |  |  |  <div class="gpclear"> --- </div>
 |  |  | </div>
 |  |  | <div class="GPAREA filetype-text">
 |  |  | |
 |  |  | | <span style="display: none;">&nbsp;</span>
 |  |  | </div>
 |  |  | <div class="gpclear"> --- </div>
 |  |  </div>
 |  </div>
 |    <div id="gpAfterContent">
 |    |
 |    | <div class="gpArea_ GPAREA" > --- </div>
 |    |
 |    </div>  

 <!-- Here ends main content  -->

My only contribution is the DIV with the class 'teaser'. Shouldn't most of the DIVs on a need for design purpose be called rather than stuff on a pure might perhaps be needed. This is a frickin mess.

And the worst! The class 'filenum-1' runs with an internal counter which when there was a plus one it stays plus one 'filenum-2' even if on the next page only one additional section was added. This renders this class useless.


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Topic: Font face in fuzzy firefox

Fuzzy firefox is very picky and seems to demand font face font to be in same folder as the page. Unfortunately firefox does not recognize fake folders hence no fancy fonts in firefox via font face for gp|easy. Is there a php way to fake the font path?


False alarm! It's only a problem on localhost. Sorry.

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Topic: need help h5 theme

In order to line up the links in a row you need to float  the list entries (li) but since there won't be much space it doesn't make sense to float the list container (ul).

If you want to float anyhow center the container with fixed width, position fixed or absolute by left: 50% and set the left margin to minus half the width of the container.

CSS looks something like this:

ul {width: 600px; position: absolute; left: 50%; margin-left: -300px;}

position absolute -> menu scrolls with the page.

position fixed -> menu stays in the viewport where anything else scrolls

Ckeck out theme farmers field for help and inspiration. It has a centered navigation

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Topic: Theme Styles messing up administration
Problem solved by leaving 1% to 3% of all users with very old browsers out in the cold. The theme is now a strictly current browser theme, which is sad. I still preferred the backend admin on seperate admin pages. *sigh*
6 years ago
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Topic: need help h5 theme


<div id="menu">
  <?php gpOutput::Get('MiddleSubMenu'); ?>


<div id="menu">
 <div class="gpArea_Menu GPAREA" >
  <ul class="menu_top">
   <li><a href="/gpEasy_CMS/index.php/" class="selected" title="Welcome to Home" >Home</a></li>
   <li><a href="/gpEasy_CMS/index.php/Testseite"  title="Testseite" >Testseite</a></li>
   <li><a href="/gpEasy_CMS/index.php/Help_Videos"  title="Help Videos" >Help Videos</a></li>
   <li><a href="/gpEasy_CMS/index.php/About"  title="About" >About</a></li>

and here are many tutorials which show how to make nice navigations:

To align in CSS:

li {text-align: center;} /* centers text or elements in containers */
#menu {width: 240px;} /* asign width to outer container */
#menu ul {margin: 0 auto;} /* auto left and right centers the inner container */



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Topic: Theme Styles messing up administration
And yet another theme is messing with the #gpx_content holding the backend administration. A few admin containers are larger than the viewport and the save-buttons are inaccessible since it is placed at the end with the decoration which is excluded from the scrolling area by design. Is it possible to open the backend administration in a seperate window so there is no annoying interference?
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Topic: Theme Styles messing up administration

Fixed it. Added a little style to the styles.css:

/* --- ( Adminpanels ) ------------------------------------------ */

#gpx_content  {width: 98.5% !important; min-height: 99%; margin: 0;}



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Topic: Page title and label
Yes! Success. Thank you.
6 years ago
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Topic: Page title and label
Nope. I still get the label, not the browser title.
6 years ago


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