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Topic: I can't log in after upgrade from 2 to 2.1

Hi Stano,
unfortunately I can not try your solution because I have reloaded all... I hope that the next update does not give me these problems.
Now I have to update other sites... but I'm afraid!

11 years ago
Post: 2008
Topic: I can't log in after upgrade from 2 to 2.1

Thanks anyway Strodtbeck.
I also hope that Josh see this post and help me to solve the problem.

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Post: 2006
Topic: I can't log in after upgrade from 2 to 2.1

I tried Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox 3.6.17, Opera 10.63, Safari 5.03 and IE 8, and finally (strange) it works with IE and I can just log in, but I hate IE and do not want to use it! I love Chrome!

Why all this?
gpEasy love Bill Gates?

11 years ago
Post: 2004
Topic: I can't log in after upgrade from 2 to 2.1

Done! Clean cache and cookies, but the problem is still there!

11 years ago
Post: 2002
Topic: I can't log in after upgrade from 2 to 2.1

I tried to do a new install of 2.1 on a sub-directory and it works. Why?
The site is online... I can not proceed in this way every time to update it.
I have other sites to update, but first I want to understand why the upgrade does not work.

Any ideas?

11 years ago
Post: 2001
Topic: I can't log in after upgrade from 2 to 2.1

I upgraded from version 2 to 2.1 and now I can not log into the site administration.
I have this text: "Javascript is required to access site administration. It Appears That you are using an incompatible browser. Make sure you're using a modern browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and have javascript enabled."

I have 2 errors in the JavaScript console:
1) combine.php: GET [] =? V = 2.1 500 (Internal Server Error)
2) main.js: Uncaught ReferenceError: IE7 is not defined

I did the automatic upgrade and after the error I also tried to manually do it again, but nothing has changed.

Can you help me, please?

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Post: 1731
Topic: google map


Josh, thanks for your reply...
I not want to use an iframe, but I'm still not able to make a plugin to insert the Google's code into <head>. 
I was hoping for a other solution, but probably i will use an iframe!
11 years ago
Post: 1728
Topic: google map

hi, how can I insert a google map into a page without creating a new template?

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Topic: Preview does not work in MyGuestbook

I installed MyGuestbook but I can not see the message preview... any ideas?

[edit] Another thing... if I have many messages on the guestbook and I am in the administration, and if I want to read/modify/delete the last Post, I have to scroll through all posts!

Is there a way to create pages and/or sort the list from last to first?

I already tried to make changes, but without success.

Edited: 12 years ago
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Topic: link "read more" on the homepage of the blog

I tried to insert an image in an article in my blog and see it! But I have set the limit to 500 characters of the gadget.

The function reads the tags as characters, and then if you set a low number, it also cut the tag <img> and the image will not be seen.

I should study a little bit this ... but now I have no time.

In this situation to see the image on the homepage of the blog with short text you must put it at the beginning, and calculate a number of characters that is enough to show the image and some text.

Edited: 12 years ago


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