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Topic: Click thru from Blog to Post does not work

When I click thru from the title of a Post on the Blog landing page to the Post detail. I get

Not Found

Oops, that file doesn't exist. Please try again.

In the configuration, I have tried




But only  /Blog?id=1234 works

Can anyone help with this?


5 years ago
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Topic: Simple Event Calendar 1.18 not showing Details

Simple Event Calendar 1.18 does not show the events details.

All I get is the Event List Page Title.

I have left the List of ICS-Calendars blank but the List of Event Entries has:

20-01-2017|20-01-2017|This is my event|
22-01-2017|22-01-2017|This is my event|
23-01-2017|23-01-2017|This is my event|


Thanks in advance for any help


5 years ago
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Topic: How to create a Responsive Multi Level Menu


Can anyone explain how I can achieve a Responsive Multi Level Menu like:


It is based on

The source code can be found:


I don't understand how to dynamically generate the dl-menu, dl-submenu and a href links with the appropriate classes, using any of the following: 



                    'menu_top'            => 'menu',
                    'selected'            => '',
                    'selected_li'        => ' ',
                    'childselected'        => '',
                    'childselected_li'    => ' ',
                    'li_'                => '',
                    'li_title'            => '',
                    'haschildren'        => ' '
                    'haschildren_li'    => ' ',
                    'child_ul'            => ' ',


Can anyone explain as I have trawled the forum and am now thoroughly confused.


Edited: 8 years ago


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