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Topic: class for all pages that have child pages

Yes, that's no problem if you don't mind having in html source all menu links on all pages. For example:

.menu_top ul ul {

And then for showing sublevels of active page

.menu_top ul .selected_li ul,
.menu_top ul .childselected_li ul {
7 years ago
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Topic: class for all pages that have child pages
No problem. I was afraid that there is no solution (apart from expand all levels and show/hide with css) without coding a completely new menu. I actually tried unsuccessfully some things before. So you helped me by confirming that there's no easy way and it's not too big a problem, becausere there's still the css solution.
7 years ago
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Topic: class for all pages that have child pages

Hi juergen

Thanks for the reply :-)

I'm using Custom Menu with showing sublevel of the currently loaded page. Have also tried it with Expand Menu. And it's the "a.haschildren" class. It is only available on the page of which the child page menu level is actually rendered. But I need it on all pages which have child pages, regardless if its child page menu level is rendered or not. gpEasy version is 4.4.

I think, this is normal behaviour and not broken. If it is normal behaviour, is there a possibility (for example in template.php via php) to get all pages with child pages and assign an anchor class to them?

edit: I know I could use a menu which expands all levels and hide sublevels via css. But thtat's not my preferred solution...

Edited: 7 years ago
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Topic: class for all pages that have child pages

Hi all

Is there a way to add a class in menu to all links of pages that have child pages? There is a class "haschildren", but only, when the page is opened. Is it possible to add such a class to all pages with child pages in the menu?

The reason behind this is, that I'd like to add an arrow as a background image to all links in the menu that have child pages.

Thanks in advance for any idea or suggestion


7 years ago
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Topic: gpEasy 4.4
Great, it works :-) But the file to download is missing a dot before class.php. The file you posted first seems to do the trick too, but I didn't recognize, that the filename was missing a dot before class.php. After renaming, everything is ok. Sorry for not realizing this before and many thanks for your support.
7 years ago
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Topic: gpEasy 4.4
Who is fast here? ;-)

;-) Well, for me it wasn't much to do, just updating the plugin an testing :-)

7 years ago
Post: 7475
Topic: gpEasy 4.4
Thank you very much, works perfect now with 4.4 :-)
7 years ago
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Topic: gpEasy 4.4

Wow, you're fast, I'm impressed :-)

Nivo Slider is working perfectly now, thank you. The problem with localhost still exists, but now I get this error message from gp|Easy:

"There was an error processing the last request. Please reload this page to continue"

7 years ago
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Topic: gpEasy 4.4

I'm happy to see, that gp|Easy is alive :-) Many thanks to Josh for this great cms and all the work. Updated some installations from 4.3.4 to 4.4 today. Almost everything seems to be ok. Only problem I've discovered so far is with localhost (XAMPP) and the file manager. File manager doesn't seem to work anymore on my localhost, directories can't be opened. Error-Message: "Verbindung zum Backend Server fehlgeschlagen".

thrownError = Internal Server Error
responseText = Oops, an error occurred while generating this page.

Error Details
 [type] => (integer)1
 [message] => (string)Maximum execution time of 180 seconds exceeded
 [file] => (string)E:\localhost\gpeasy\include\thirdparty\finder\php\FinderVolumeDriver.class.php
 [line] => (integer)1087
 [request] => (string)/gpeasy/Admin_Finder

responseStatus = 500
statusText = Internal Server Error
url = /gpeasy/Admin_Finder
type = POST
browser = Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:37.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/37.0
data = verified=3cd02dfc98&cmd=open&target=&init=1&tree=1

Tested with several gp|Easy-installations. But no problem online, only on localhost, so this could only be a problem with my localhost...

Another problem is with the plugin Nivo Slider for gp|Easy; it doesn't slide anymore. I get the following error messages from Firefox console:

TypeError: Property 'handleEvent' is not callable.

TypeError: a(...).live is not a function
Quelldatei: xxx/data/_addoncode/sicp8dn/nivo/jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js?v=4.4
Zeile: 10

TypeError: o is not a function
Quelldatei: xxx/data/_addoncode/sicp8dn/nivo/jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js?v=4.4
Zeile: 10

But not sure, if this is a problem with the plugin or gpEasy

Edited: 7 years ago


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