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Topic: Script Attackers discovered
Ok, as we don't use CGI its safe anyway.
4 years ago
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Topic: Script Attackers discovered

Hi, At the new Site I'm using the Site Counter plugin.

This fine Tool brought my attention to well known Attacking tries.

The Attacks can be find with the section Pages, search for Entries containig this:


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------->link to risky hazardous Text content. covered thith gif89a Header, and containig i.E. a r57 shell

It seems Typesetter will not harm and the Attack won't be functional.

As I discovered one attack a day, it would be good, to have a security specialist throwing an eye on it and confirm the innocence of the Attack? (at least for Typesettercms?

Best Regards




Can anybody

4 years ago
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Topic: Business Casual 1.1

After I understood where I can modify the style I've got thanks!


For other Users: I've added the .filetype-special_search input.submit { display:none; } 

in the Layout-options of the Template, which I not touched, until yet



5 years ago
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Topic: Business Casual 1.1

After I understood where I can modify the style I've got thanks!


For other Users: I've added the .filetype-special_search input.submit { display:none; } 

in the Layout-options of the Template, which I not touched, until yet



5 years ago
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Topic: Business Casual 1.1

It's hard for me to find the correct one. by the way I fear the problem came through trying out a lot Templates. Even I deinstalled unused ones there seems to lay around some in the filesystem.

Maybe I should make a fresh Install and see if there is a difference?

Done. There is the same result, so this is a issue with the theme itself

Edited: 5 years ago
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Topic: Business Casual 1.1

When I look at the page source:

<div class="container">
         <div class="row">
            <div class="box">
                <div class="col-lg-12">
                       <div id="gpx_content" class=" cf">
                        <div class="GPAREA filetype-special_search search_results">
                            <form action="/Typesetter/index.php/Search" method="get">
                                <h2><span class="editable_area " id="ExtraEditArea1"></span></h2>
                                <input name="q" type="text" class="text" value=""/> <span class="editable_area " id="ExtraEditArea2">
                                <input type="submit" name="" class="submit" value="" /></span></form>
                                <p><span class="editable_area " id="ExtraEditArea3">Leider ergab die Suche keine Treffer.</span>
                                </p><a href="/Typesetter/index.php/Search?cmd=config" data-cmd="gpabox" title="Configuration">Configuration</a>
                        <div id="gpAfterContent"><div class="gpArea_ GPAREA">

I this, but do not get why the heck  are there two searches

Where is the correct point to edit the code?

I should delete the div around ExtraEditArea2 

Edited: 5 years ago
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Topic: Business Casual 1.1

Hi, I'm using for a Open Source Project Typesetter 5.1  with Business Casual 1.1 Theme

Is anybody using the same Theme?

 I'm near to launch the site.

I do have a small flaw with the search Page.

The most important Question, how do I delete the yellow Column?

And how do I edit the Text in Red Realm.

 most right is:

The Picture was taken in Edit Mode. Have I really to edit the files directly? Certainly not.

How get I rid of one search? 

@Mod, sorry for the title would edit it, but this is not possible?


Edited: 5 years ago
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Topic: 'How using Galleries

Ok, got it. partly.

When I creat a new page usinge slide_menu, I managed to add the images.

For other Gallery Plugins there must be a hook into the theme or the Page, right?



Edited: 5 years ago
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Topic: 'How using Galleries

Hi, after some Years of not doing any Website design, I have to do another one.

Installation was easy but forgive my ignorance whatever I tried I'm unable to let my uploaded Images appear in any Gallery.

I tried this:

Installed plugins: Slider Factory Simple Slideshow

In Startseite » Administration » Galerien

is nothing as well.

So where do I it what wrong?

Even the "official" Documents are telling nothing about handling Galleries


Edited: 5 years ago
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Topic: The upcoming Poll Plugin

Hi, for the upcoming Poll plugin.

There are some decisions needed before I csn further.

What I already have is an Admin Interface to create and preview the Polls.

I will use libchart to present the results, so to say i.e. piecharts, linecharts a.o.  

One can choose between single or multiple Choice so Radio or Checkbox system.

The Preview is done with javascript in a popup window.

Now the Decisions I have to make before I can get further.

  1. First I thought a Popup would be very nice, but it has some disadvantages. First it is somewhat harder do design/debug, but I could handle it. Second on some Server there is a flaw due rewrite_rules of Apache that is not easy to handle, maybe this is the K.O. Criteria for it. Third PopWindows are often block by the Browser and must be allowed explizitly by the User. So I think it would nicer and more satisfying when the single Poll comes in its on gpEasy Page.
  2. Should the poll disallow users to vote more than once? This could be handled by browercookies and/or IP-Address What do you want/think?
  3. At this Time there are plenty of Polls allowed to created and the admin can choose which one are active Should the Polls be Time limited? Or is it better to let it in the hand of the admin?
  4. Last but on least Should the result be visible before the user has voted for his/her own?
12 years ago


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