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Topic: Difficulties with setup of plugin Catalog Easy

Look, everything work here

This theme is not allow you to go on parent page. It's long to write, try to use as source page page from another menu  as I explaine here

Or you can customize theme behavior something like this

or try plugin from this topic   i'm not shure if it work with your theme.




4 years ago
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Topic: Difficulties with setup of plugin Catalog Easy


It's been a while... as far as i remember how it works -    This plugin can build  layout from direct child pages of page on which section(catalog easy) is placed, or from pages that is childs of page that you select as source page, or you can take and show child pages from page that is placed in some other menu.

Added a category in the admin settings

Created 6 pages with text and image content and added attribute data-filter "people"

Categories needed just for sortable portfolio layout. Once created in admin settings of plugin, possible to assign page to any category in page manager(menu). 

Created a new page with content type Catalog Easy with class "short_info" and portfolio category "people"

No need to create short_info class  plugin can take info from text, just play with Catalog section options.   Images also plugin can take from child page, or posssible to assign in page manager(menu) some other image. 

To quickly see something: put catalog section on pages, move  this 6 pages as child pages of that page, select  direct child pages as source and one of layouts.

4 years ago
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Topic: Thumnails
HI. images uploaded by FTP? if so try  function REcreate All thubnails somethere in cms settings.
5 years ago
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Topic: Unthemed Special pages for AJAX/JSON responses?


You have a lot of ways to this.

I belive this will help you

5 years ago
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Topic: How to output a single gadget in a different area?

that in addon.ini for each plugin for categories it's wil be:


5 years ago
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Topic: How to output a newly created menu?

hi try to

<? gpOutput::Get('TopTwoMenu','m1'); ?>

where m1 or m2 or m3... is menu id's


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Topic: How to output a single gadget in a different area?

Hi, try

<? gpOutput::Get('Gadget','Gadget_Name');?>

where Gadget_Name  is what you want to show

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Topic: Dynamic Gallery plugin
Also need hide index.php in options. It still beta version)
5 years ago
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Topic: Dynamic Gallery plugin


Please enable php short tags for your server, and it should work.

Then try and may be it will be usable even as it is. :)

5 years ago
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Topic: multiple map section warning
I think is old plugin version.
5 years ago


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