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Topic: Strange behaviour during "Save/Save and quit"

Good afternoon all,


one section of my site is no longer editable. After hitting "save" it shows fragments or even copies of underlying other parts of the site and blocks me (administrator) and other users from saving the changes. Here´s a screenshot:

gpeasy: strange whilst behaviour editing/saving text

It happens after a user, who is using Chrome on a distant windows PC with Norton Antivirus tried to edit the text from his workplace, using his username. Could that Windows/Norton-thing be the problem? Me I´m using Lubuntu, and before everything (seemed) to be allright. It was a fresh installation with imported /data folder. Dear community: What happened here? Thank you..

Kind regards: ron

7 years ago
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Topic: How to handle theme(s) nested in /data/_themes

Good day to all.

I currently installed a theme that nested itself in /data/_themes. The structure seems standard as it should. but if I work on it (by copying to have two versions of it) I always end up with something missing. How do I connect everything correctly to the odd-named css-styles in /data/_cache/combinedxxxxxxxx.css? Think this would make it work. Thank you!

Best regards

Ron from Cologne, Germany


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Topic: Plugin works as logged-in only (slideshows)
Oh did some minor changes to dropotron, I'll give it a try to swap-in another version later this day to sort errors out.
7 years ago
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Topic: Plugin works as logged-in only (slideshows)

Done. Deactivated. Works as expected. Thank you, juergen, this is great work! Perhaps this checkbox is responsible for some other strange site-behaviour as well. I will check that. Let me know when I can help you somehow in return.

Greeting from Cologne, Germany

7 years ago
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Topic: Plugin works as logged-in only (slideshows)

The related site is under cataleyaplus (dot) docf (dot) de, the plugin(s) will be re-activated now.. It is a non-productive environment, so room for experiments. Thanks!


7 years ago
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Topic: Plugin works as logged-in only (slideshows)

Good morning to all,

first of all, thank you for this great cms!

I'm currently working on a site with slideshow-plugins. Have just tryed out nivo-slider and simple-slideshow. Both fail to start automatically when I (as main user with most rights) log out of the site. This worked before. Must say that I did multiple up-and-downloads of the whole site and probably rights aren't properly set? Or did I miss or overlook something?

Thank you in advance. Kind regards: ron

7 years ago


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