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Topic: css can Not been loaded

plz help me out.  my site seems can not load css

7 years ago
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Topic: i can not edit page
thanks for your support. it works now. that' it, I chooose " file edit " and " all " choosen. than I can edit it.
9 years ago
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Topic: i can not edit page
I don't know how to post image
9 years ago
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Topic: i can not edit page
I' was using gpeasy 3.3 and after i update to 3.5.2 , i can not edit the content page. let me show you. there you hover your mouse , you should got a link "edit the page" but now it disappeared.
Edited: 9 years ago
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Topic: gp_indexphp false

there is if i wanna setup permainlink I should set "gp_indexphp false", but i can not find gp_indexphp in 'index.php'

10 years ago
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Topic: can not use Permal links


thanks for support.

before it I change permalink settings . however i choose "hide index.php", after apply,there still be " use index.php" choosen.

Edited: 10 years ago
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Topic: can not use Permal links


i'm using apache web server i can not setup premalinks in settings.

i can access web page without 'index.php'  ..         eg. like that.

but i can not set it up with settings . on my navigation bar still

10 years ago
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Topic: plz tell me where it is
<div style="display:none" id="gp_hidden"></div>


<meta name="generator" content="gpEasy CMS" />


where to change it

Edited: 10 years ago
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Topic: where to change skin?

all right i got that changed.


thanks for your cool work and i'm promoting the gp|Easy on some known chinese website construction community. that's the easist one to build a business site

11 years ago
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Topic: where to change skin?

i got that but i don't find  "skin change " button.

11 years ago


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