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Topic: lvl 3 menu with CSS
certainly possible, look @
9 years ago
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Topic: How to refresh a gadget using ajax?
10 years ago
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Topic: Styling problem - Contact Form


Having some problems looking in my Crystal Ball, don't know why :/

If you provide some information about your problem there is a chance we could help you

10 years ago
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Topic: GetImage()

It would be helpful to know how. Mine works fine like this:

		gpOutput::GetImage('/images/Carousel/121.jpg', array() );
        gpOutput::GetImage('/images/Carousel/196.jpg', array() );
		gpOutput::GetImage('/images/Carousel/198.jpg', array() );
		gpOutput::GetImage('/images/Carousel/278.jpg', array() );
		gpOutput::GetImage('/images/Carousel/346.jpg', array() );
		gpOutput::GetImage('/images/Carousel/384.jpg', array() );
		gpOutput::GetImage('/images/Carousel/486.jpg', array() );
10 years ago
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Topic: Mr. Stano, please help about "password protected pages&

Include it and use


Like it says in the documentation. Maybe give add some parameters to the call to make it work properly.

10 years ago
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Topic: get menu-structure as raw-data (without html-tags)

Thats true. It would be nice if we could use the individual blog gadget items in our themes.

However, you can still style the whole thing the same and set it next to eachother so it looks like one menu.

10 years ago
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Topic: Themeswitcher
The copy is made under _data. You could just copy the theme yourself and edit the folder name and addon.ini (or delete it, you dont need it really)
10 years ago
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Topic: Call gadgets seperately

instead of "getallgadgets".

Is this possible?

10 years ago
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Topic: get menu-structure as raw-data (without html-tags)

A pulldown for the menu is surely possible. Here is a pure css implementation:

For the blog its a bit trickier because there are too many things in the widget. Is there a way to output a part of the widget instead of everything?

10 years ago
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Topic: 4.3.2 RC1 _cache directory fail
It is. No other problems found so far in a quick test of RC2. Thanks a lot for your effort!
10 years ago


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