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Topic: Mr. Stano, please help about "password protected pages&
Perfectly possible. Since jquery is already included I recommend using a jquery plugin like jquery-cookie
9 years ago
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Topic: True WYSIWYG Documentation

Does this (True WYSIWYG) still apply?

I removed my settings, but I didnt see a difference.

Edited: 9 years ago
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Topic: Themeswitcher

1. is already possible

2. I dont know, you could do it already via ftp, but you would have to duplicate the theme first, but then you have the flexibility to have different menus as wel.


9 years ago
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Topic: Subdirectory

Nested Urls (like /path/sub_path) are enabled by default since gpEasy 2.4.

To use nested urls, just enter the full path (like /path/sub_path) when creating a page or editing the details of a page.

9 years ago
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Topic: Subdirectory

You (intent to) use multiple instances of gpEasy? As long as you block nothing in robots.txt the content will be readable to searchengine spiders. In your main site you can make special menu items that just link to the proper subsites.

By the way: are you sure this is a good solution? I think you can use one instance of gpEasy and still have nested urls and different layouts.

9 years ago
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Topic: Themeswitcher

Its already possible, and easy to do.

  1. Go to 'Appearance -> manage layouts'
  2. Choose Available themes
  3. Preview one of the themes you want to use
  4. Click the Green button 'Use this theme in a new layout.'
  5. Give it a sensible name.
  6. Repeat step 4 & 5 for each theme you want to use.
  7. Then go to 'content -> page manager'
  8. Now you can select a page, click on the theme property and choose one of the themes you configured in step 5.


9 years ago
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Topic: Area with html
Thanx, I figured it out, my bad.
9 years ago
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Topic: Area with html
Nvm, I use HTML Content Areas now
9 years ago
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Topic: Change theme Fbook

Go in your hosting environment to the directory of your site with an ftp program (winscp for example) and browse to ~/data/_themes/ogj9emn

The ~ is the root of your public folder, sometimes www or public_html, and ogj9emn is a random named folder with the contents of the theme. Open template.php to change the copyright notice and in the subdirectory images is the logo named mylogo.jpg, you can overwrite it with a new one.

9 years ago
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Topic: Area with html
I want to use the ckeditor for the extra text area's. Is that possible?
9 years ago


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