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Topic: 4.3.2 RC1 _cache directory fail

Less compile fails if there is no _cache directory.

I installed RC1 as new, replaced data & themes from a backup I exported from 4.0. Less failed, but after creating _cache/ all went well.

9 years ago
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Topic: Editing in nginx problem solved
No problem, I forked it also and edited only a few lines.
9 years ago
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Topic: Editing in nginx problem solved

It looks you solved the problem the wrong way around. Your webdirectory needs to permit the nginx user to modify the file.

I've a script for setting up vhosts in nginx for gpEasy:

Edited: 9 years ago
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Topic: No longer can edit
Check the permissions for your user at
9 years ago
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Topic: background

Its because of your css selector.

#content div

That selects all divs in content. Maybe you want to select the divs in 'page' lik this:

.page div
9 years ago
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Topic: How to report security bugs in gp!Easy?
You can contact the developer here:
9 years ago
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Topic: Turn auto-redirect off (how to)
I'm not sure, but this may help:
9 years ago
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Topic: Turn auto-redirect off (how to)

Nothing breaks if you turn it off. Your urls are only a bit messier.

If you post your htaccess we could probably identify the problem.

9 years ago
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Topic: Home/Main page design
The files you have to edit are described in the documentation about themes. Less files are the base files for the css, and if you dont want to work with less you can just use css in the less files.
9 years ago
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Topic: Menue is not in front
Then your css is not IE8 proof. You can probably use a virtual image with IE from microsoft to debug your problem.
9 years ago


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