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Topic: gpEasy Speed records with GetMetrix
  • Remove query strings from static resources

Here you have to choose between 2: Its either this or multiple css files. Try fiddling with the combining of (css) files. I tend to think combining is faster.

  • Remove unused CSS

This is gpEasy specific. I think the admin css is still loaded for normal visitors. Maybe you can do a feature request for that or make a patch to fix that.

  •  Use efficient selector

You're still scoring B on this, and I think most modern browsers are powerful enough to render this fast. I would recommend to leave it the way it is.

11 years ago
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Topic: I don't want menu on every page

You can add an extra style to the template. With css you can do something like #menu { display:none; }. That way you only need an extra folder with css. Not a complete template.

11 years ago
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Topic: Blacklisted @

I was translating via the translation system on wikyblog and it suddenly gave up on me. I cant ping the domain from my home, but from a remote server the ping works. I think i'm blacklisted now. Can anyone fix that? my ip ends on 125.211

11 years ago
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Topic: How to have a different header or side menu on a page

I've solved this in the head of the Template. Note that url_rewrite is active.

        <?php gpOutput::GetHead();?>
                <style type="text/css">
            $header = "/themes/Theme/images/header/" . basename($_SERVER[REQUEST_URI]) . ".jpg";
            $headerFile = getcwd().$header;
            if(file_exists($headerFile)) {
                echo("header{background:#fff url($header) no-repeat;}" . PHP_EOL);
            } else {
                echo("header{background:#fff url(/themes/Theme/images/header/common.jpg) no-repeat;}" . PHP_EOL);

I think its pretty self explaining. In the header path you can upload a header with the same name as the page on wich you want the header.

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