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Topic: Splitting sections
You'll probaply need to do this with css. If you're not familiar with making layouts yourself you can try and use the bootstrap theme and build a theme with layoutIt.
9 years ago
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Topic: jQuery Book?
Thats exactly what jqFundamentals gives you, but I think in less pages. Its definitely no rocket science, thats why it says 'jquery basics'.
9 years ago
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Topic: jQuery Book?

Here is a good one:

And here if you are more experienced with jquery:

9 years ago
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Topic: gpEasy Newbie having initial problems-Layouts, etc
You're looking in the wrong place for all the files. You need to know the anatomy of a theme. All the theme files (the template and css etc) are in the themes directory in the root of your website. The theme.php you've found is part of the system and shouldn't be edited. The system files are changed when you upgrade gpEasy.
9 years ago
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Topic: Images Lazy Load

It says:

Why another lazyload plugin

We could not find any standalone lazyloader but the one on stackoverflow.

But here is another excellent one:


9 years ago
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Topic: Clearfix
I saw the planned fixes in the changlog mentioning clearfix. Here is a tip you can propably use:
9 years ago
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Topic: Gallery Thumbnails
Try uploading a new one. That way you're sure you get a uncached thumbnail.
9 years ago
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Topic: Moving relative path of the gpeasy install

I cant find the location of the root path in the configs but there is a workaround: Just do a new installation on the root of your domain, and copy the /data & /themes folder to the root. That way you have a new installation with your old data and themes. You have to check the configuration because all of that is back to the defaults.

9 years ago
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Topic: Git Pulls
I guess Josh is on vacation.. Removal of this topic and your pull request will have to wait I think ;-)
9 years ago
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Topic: Cannot access Admin_Main
Its sad to see you go after the overwhelming support you gave on the forum.
9 years ago


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