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Topic: Love the new gpeasy layout!

I cant do ctrl+click (for a new tab)  anymore... So while its looks much better I think its a bit less userfriendly.

10 years ago
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Topic: How to remove image border?
img {
    border: none;

should do the trick

10 years ago
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Topic: display current level menu buttons

The current level links are wrapped in an UL which has a class "childselected". With some css you're able to hide the others.

Keep in mind that you have to enable the css options in the details of the theme for the classes to appear.

10 years ago
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Topic: Plugin document
10 years ago
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Topic: H5 theme Problem with cbox current

I answered you here:

you're forgetting the !important.

10 years ago
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Topic: Artisteer plugin
With the support of bootstrap cant we use as an alternative?
10 years ago
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Topic: lite box in h5 theme

How small is your screen? I only see this happen if the browser window is less than 600px wide.

Try this:

#cboxCurrent{display:none !important;}

There is an inline style which you need to override. More info: css specificity crash course or (more extensive) css specificity things you should know and some advice regarding selectors.


Edited: 10 years ago
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Topic: lite box in h5 theme

I dont see the problem? did you fix it already?

10 years ago
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Topic: white pages
If you didnt change htaccess, you can safely delete it (at least to test). A backup is always a good idea.
10 years ago
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Topic: Versions
Latest item on the latest menu.
10 years ago


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