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Topic: Multiple Sites - Multi language

Has anybody used Multiple Sites to set up alternative language versions of a core site ?

11 years ago
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Topic: MyGuestbook - Recaptcha hacked ?

I've recently had to deactivate the MyGuestbook plugin on a number of sites, because while all have Recaptcha installed and seemingly working (it's still barely legible but at least it's irritating the visitors !), it has become no barrier to hackers who simply load the thing up with unwanted entries offering, usually, blue pills at discount rates. I see little point in continuing with this plugin and intend to set up an external guest book facility vie an iframe. Can anybody suggest anything that works ? 

11 years ago
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Topic: Google Calendar in iFrame disables editing facilities

I think the problem may have been caused by the fact that the original Calendar dimensions exceeded the editing window. I deleted the page and made a new one, where the iFrame  was 600px x 600px, and that can be edited just as I'd expected originally. It's to be found at

To test my (admittedly unlikely) theory I'll add Calendar2 and deliberately make the iFrame larger.


Added later: my theory was a no starter - the iFrame size made no difference and Calendar2 functioned without a problem. Maybe I was just unlucky. 

Edited: 11 years ago
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Topic: Capcha improved and better without registration

As Diana had wrritten "recapcha" and not Recaptcha (there is a website I'd assumed she was describing an alternative to the standard Recaptcha facility. I've already utilised Recaptcha but it's not much use, mainly because the code words can barely be read. I think that may be down to the Recaptcha image being in the wrong format. I've checked other applications of Recaptcha, and while reading the code words is not easy, it can be done. Very often the gpEasy implementation is not at all legible, and that's just a frustration for users, who decide not to bother. I'll look at the Google article you suggest, but I do think that the solution lies in getting the image proportions right. 

Many thanks for your help.

Edited: 11 years ago
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Topic: Google Calendar in iFrame disables editing facilities

In gpEasy 2.? (the latest beta version) I integrated a Google Calendar in an iFrame and now find that that page can no longer be edited. In fact all Administration functionality is disabled on that page. I move to another page and immediately all facilities are once again available. It's probably a Java conflict but i don't think I experienced this problem under version 1.7.

Any comments ? 

11 years ago
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Topic: Capcha improved and better without registration

Are you saying that you use the Captcha facility available at ?

If so, how is it to be implemented ?

Many thanks in advance.

11 years ago
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Topic: Special_Contact - clarification required

Many thanks for the response Josh. I found the problem was caused by a slightly modified path to sendmail coupled with the policy of my provider only to allow the use of sendmail in connection with a legitimate email address linked to the hosting account. Initiially I was using both an unacceptable email and a wrong path. Correcting the path seemed not to make any difference until I realised I'd need to use a different email recipient. Now it works the way you intended it.

Thanks again.  

11 years ago
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Topic: Special_Contact - clarification required

Further to my posting above - attempts to use the SMTP with Authority option have thus far only produced internal server errors. SMTP without Authority produces a positive message that a mail has been sent (as does sendmail and PHP Mailer) but in fact no Email is sent.

11 years ago
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Topic: Special_Contact - clarification required

I installed gpEasy and find it very impressive, however the Special_Contact form has so far not functioned at all, regardless of which configuration I've tried. I am looking for a solution and need to clarify the following:

1. Sendmail - should the configuration link point to a script on my server with the name sendmail.php ?

2. There is no sendmail.php on my server. Would it be appropriate to use the script referred to elswehere on this forum, suitably modified and uploaded to my server.

3. PHPMail - should the configuration link point to the sub-directory /include/thirdparty/PHPMailer_v2.0.4 ? If so should it refer there to a specific file or is a reference to the directory good enough.


11 years ago


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