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Topic: only works in PHP 5.4+

Thanks J├╝rgen!

I applied your changes, and added an Acknowledgements section to the Admin page too. Currently I only had an older 4.5 instance to test on, but worked flawlessly.

Feels great to see my plugin is really being used :)

4 years ago
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Topic: News and requests

Things start to shape up - with release 1.3 being out  there is a fully functional Admin page to be able to tune the settings, and the Special link is gone - a bit less clutter this way.

There are however still some outstanding uglinesses - like when WYSIWYG is disabled, the textarea for editing only uses half of the screen, and the Admin page itself is downright ugly - but these don't affect functionality.

What is in the works?

Well, the best would be to provide at least 50% more user friendly editing experience by adding some formatting buttons, and probably trapping the usual Ctrl-[B|U|I] keys, have a help with links, etc...

Also: thanks for downloading, I hope you find this useful... And if there is any kind of issues - don't hesitate to write. 

4 years ago
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Topic: News and requests

Ok everybody, 1.2 is released, and WYSIWYG is here - along with Markdown Extra!

Well, technically the WYSIWYG stuff is not the highest quality, but still, it is at least there. There might be an issue with huge Markdown section contents, but for this release, it seemed to be a good idea. Also, right now it has a fixed 5 second refresh interval, and it is server based in order to be truly WYSIWYG...

So what is coming next?

 * Some configurability for the WYSIWYG options (like autorefresh interval fine tuning, turn it off for hardcore Markdown purists, etc)
 * Would be nice to make the WYSIWYG feature use POST requests instead of GET ones - that would make it a lot more techically adequate, but that would require obtaining a valid nonce, which I'll have to solve for the next release.

5 years ago
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Topic: News and requests

Hi Everyone!

I created this awesome plugin - and so this topic to share all the news about it, and have all the requests in one place... Don't hesitate to add any features you'd welcome in the plugin.

As far as news goes: WYSIWYG is coming! For those who can't wait, you can check the EasyMark GitHub page


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