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Topic: Typesetter 5.2 - please help with new translations
Do you need some Dutch translations?
2 months ago
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Topic: Typesetter without Jquery and updated bootstrap


I love Typesetter and want to use it in more modern environments and help developing the system. Thus using the CMS as is, but less dependencies of older libraries like Jquery. Do you think this is possible, or would that be too much work?
Same goes for integration of the old bootstrap.


2 months ago
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Topic: Browse Server dialog in Google Chrome 18

I still have this problem on my website using GPeasy 2.4, any advice?

Using Chrome version 20.

Edited: 8 years ago
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Topic: Forms

@cybermax: take a look at:


Only missing in the demo is the sort-order of fields

10 years ago
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Topic: Content blocks

First, I love GPEasy, but it's not very flexible yet.

I would love a feature where it is possible to:


1. Link towards other pages in the CMS without having too look them up. (Could be insert into the WYSIWYG-editor, see CMS made simple)

2. Content blocks, create your page but don't use it as page, but as content block.

After creating a content block (page: contenttest by example) you can use this content in other pages by referring towards the content, like {contentblock:contenttest} in the new page. This should also be selectable in the WYSIWYG-editor. Such a feature is also available in CMS made easy.


Keep up the good work guys!

10 years ago


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