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Topic: YouTube Embed proposal to upgrade


I am going to look at it ASAP.

3 years ago
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Topic: YouTube Embed proposal to upgrade


I made a mod of your "YouTube Embed" plugin. I added support of IFrame Player API and made JS to pause played video when it becomes invisible. If the user pauses the video manually, it will stay paused after it becomes visible again.

You do not have 'YouTube Embed' on GitHub, so I can only send my mod here

Maybe, it will be interesting for you.

3 years ago
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Topic: ParallaxImage 1.1b5

Hi, Jürgen

I see no files inside dir ParallaxImage\jquery.scrollspeed in

But in file ParallaxImage\ParallaxImage.php we have

    $page->head_js[]  = $addonRelativeCode . '/jquery.scrollspeed/jQuery.scrollSpeed.js';

Is it an error in adding files or in linking script?


I had a problem with scrolling on b3. After upgrading to b5, it is gone. But I see that the scrolling is smooth only when I use the scroll bar. When I use the mouse wheel or keys, the background image has a lag in scrolling and makes jumps.

Upd. 2

The height of the parallax container is almost the entire page. So I see this problem on your demo as well.

Edited: 3 years ago
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Topic: How can I reinstall my website in a new server?

1. Install Typesetter CMS

2. You have the site with demo content. This content placed in folder  /Data on your server.

3. Empty the folder /Data on your server.

4. Copy all files from the folder /Data on your old server to folder /Data on new one.

Everything should work fine except permalinks maybe

3 years ago
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Topic: install error

Can't install plugin. Other plugins installs fine.

Oops, the downloaded package could not be verified. Please try again later. 
(Package Checksum a234bf631d123e016e22d43a126b7383 != Expected Checksum 3e3594621ea8522ab39933dc459e8041)

4 years ago
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Topic: Change section names
Now it is impossible but we can fix it in future release.
4 years ago
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Topic: Guestbook Plus Captcha problem

I updated this plugin to the Captcha 2 for myself some time ago. But it content some other adaptation and hard coded localization. If you want, look at  this

4 years ago
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Topic: Create custom folder where client can upload files

TS also have similar structure


You can upload files via FTP or menu Content / Uploaded Files -> folder File

Then you can make links to your PDFs

4 years ago
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Topic: Blank page when try to login

It is only a guess. At PHP 7 TS can use password encryption "password_hash" that isn't supported by PHP <5.5.

Try to log in with PHP 7 and change encryption algorithm to "sha512".

Maybe it will help.

4 years ago
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Topic: Blank page when try to login

Until experts help you, some idea.

Google say


the console print this when I try to load a inaccessible page:

siteSettings is null assignManager.js: 136

Maybe problem on hosting side? Some block for /Admin?

4 years ago


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