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Sure thing Kaydev Productions. You're welcome. I know exactly what you're talking about.
8 years ago
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Topic: Can "Search" action be enabled?
How can one enable simple searches to also search plugins like special_search does with the "Search" action? 
8 years ago
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Topic: PostedSlug() Filter

Add a PostedSlug() Filter to allow changes like replacing _ with - for SEO. Or to go all lowercase urls. etc.

Also pass in the $string and $from_string variables as well so that for example a new page event can be determined.

I posted this as a Feedback request and then noticed this forum topic. Please remove the Feedback request. Thanks!

Edited: 8 years ago
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Topic: gpE4.0 CKEditor toolbar disappears
Not extremely urgent, however FYI, when editing a page in place and the toolbar is floating - after docking the toolbar and then un-docking it, the toolbar disappears requiring a page reload and losing any changes. Thanks!
8 years ago
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Topic: Submission via input type=image
Correction:  submitForm_x.
8 years ago
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Topic: Submission via input type=image
Hey Stano, thanks for a form with validation. In future a version please consider on submission checking isset for either submitForm OR submitForm.x. Thanks so much!
8 years ago
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Topic: SectionToContent modification

Thanks, this will be very helpful for certain plugin development.

10 years ago


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