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Topic: Simple blog customization
How to assign a "class" member ''read more'' ?
5 years ago
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Topic: Simple Blog 3.0.3 categories problem
The same problem with the theme Lock 1.1.
5 years ago
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Topic: Simple_Blog


На локальном сервере (Open Server) не отображается дата .Если вы пытаетесь изменить дату не меняет в конфигурации и не возвращает к значению по умолчанию

В чем может быть проблема? В хостинг все в порядке! В аддонов Simple Blog1 в порядке.


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Topic: Problems with Simple Button 1.0.1

Error while creating a new page

Array to string conversion
    in: C:\OpenServer\domains\Typesettermaster\addons\SimpleButton\SimpleButton.php
    on line: 40
    Request: /index.php/Admin/Menu/Ajax?cmd=AddHidden&redir=redir&gpreq=json&jsoncallback=jQuery1113034509288240224123_1456673953129&gpx_content=gpabox&_=1456673953130
    Method: GET

5 years ago
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Topic: Website on
O key!
5 years ago
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Topic: not stored in the image

Parallax Image

5 years ago
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Topic: The appearance of the selection in the admin area.

For convenience in version 5, you can reduce the size of the thumbnails and remove pagination, placing everything on one page.

5 years ago
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Topic: Website on

Это не получите письмо для активации сайта.

Sorry it's common voprosy.Topik can not move.

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Topic: not stored in the image

Thank you, I test. I logged in through google chrome!

How do How to stretch a text block?

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Topic: not stored in the image

  Typesetter 5


Typesetter 4.6

Problem Bootstrap Carousel Gallery and Shadow Box Gallery + Slider Factory

Slider Factory and problem full windows


Super CMS and autor!

(plizz my google english -a am russish!)

5 years ago


elFinder 2.1.50 in Upcoming Release

A new release for Typesetter is in the works with a lot of improvements including the ... Read More

Typesetter 5.1

Typesetter 5.1 is now available for download. 5.1 includes bug fixes, UI/UX improvements, ... Read More

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