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Topic: Event Registration form

Nothing that I know of exists yet.I

I don't think you'd need to use an iframe though. You could make your form right in the editor and point it to the php script on your server that will either email the information or save it to a database.

<form method="post" action="---point to your php file---">

<input type="text" .... />



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Topic: An idea for a members only page

Hi Richard,

This could probably be done with an plugin, though we might need to add another hook to the code.


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Topic: Add gpEasy to Ohloh & Kodingen

Hmm, I'm listed as a manager but I'm not seeing anything about download ties. Just updated the "Enlistments" page to include but it looks like it's going to take some time for ohloh to update ( still on step 1 of 3 ).

11 years ago
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Topic: Add gpEasy to Ohloh & Kodingen

Hmm, I'm not real familiar with ohloh... looks like someone else added gpEasy though. I just put a little more information up:

Does that  help it work in Kodingen?

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Topic: About Plugin Hooks


Just put a list together in the doumentation:


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Topic: Header Login Form Help

I just downloaded the example you pointed to and while there's a lot there, it's definitely do-able.

To accomplish this effect, I would recommend creating a new theme.

  • In your theme's template.php file, I would add the login form html
  • Then place the /css, /images and /js folders from the example in the the theme folder and link them appropriately from your template.php file.

There's a little information about custom themes in the documentation:

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Topic: Slowly proceeding, some win some loose

Hi Costas,

I was looking at your "Tips and Solutions" page and was trying to recreate the problem you're experiencing with the "My Pages" menu. I followed the steps you listed including the "text search" to delete the secong My Pages entry. I've yet to encounter any problems though.

One thought came to mind though, when you edited the config.php file, is it possible the file permissions on the file also changed? If they did it would explain not being able to make changes to the menu.

11 years ago


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