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Topic: Problem by reinstalling

Hi !

This is what the wasp is well before your answer ! :D

And so it works like that. Do not forget to rename the file without a French accent. (Àéè..)



10 years ago
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Topic: Problem by reinstalling


On the left, the file created by GPeasy and on the right, my file under the old version.
Note the differences.
Do I do a copy paste the new file ?
Change the lines where there is a point ?

10 years ago
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Topic: Problem by reinstalling


I tried, it does not work. Tries, you'll see.


Edited: 10 years ago
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Topic: Problem by reinstalling


I checked. GPeasy created the second file. That's why I have duplicate files.

If you want to try to integrate one of my files, try to see if it works for you.


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Topic: Problem by reinstalling

I had errors in the CHMOD. I corrected. Some files are viewable.

But those with éà....php, I can not get them back.

I had this error by deleting one of my files:

File names, they are saved in a file somewhere ?


Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/homez.157/isischat/www/gpEasy/data/_pages/Abeilles_en_detresses.php' (include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php') in /homez.157/isischat/www/gpEasy/include/common.php on line 553

10 years ago
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Topic: Problem by reinstalling

I have to use FTP to transfer my files.

Even this page (Logiciels_prà © ra fà © © s.php) no longer appears, and yet it was not double !

Most of the files that I have a problem, have the file name, French characters (éàè).

I do not know if it comes from there ?


For cons, the backup works well with me on my WAMP server.
DATA 0755
_page 0755
And my files as 0755.

The chmod (access) is good ?


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Topic: Problem by reinstalling


I always save my pages. The old version, I think it was a 2.1 or 2.2, I do not know.
I reinstall everything without making any update, I use the latest 2.3.3.
To duplicate files, it may be that I did not notice FilleZilla FTP.

French characters "Êàê" can be problematic in file names....
But the other problem, then I do not know.

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Topic: Problem by reinstalling


I reinstalled GPeasy because I had problems with chmod.
I réinstalled my backups, the data folder.

Unfortunately, I have another problem. I have some pages that are no longer displayed. I have this message:

Oops, this page No Longer HAS Any content.

I noticed that I have duplicate files, without understanding why.

I'm missing files in the menu below.

I do not know how to reintegrate them again.

thank you

10 years ago
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Topic: Loading the contents of the pages slowly(gradually)


I thought of an improvement.

There are some on site, where text and pictures load gradually as the person reading the page.

This would avoid consuming bandwidth unnecessarily, especially if the visitor does not read the entire page.

If the visitor does not read the entire contents of the page, it is useless in this case to load the contents of the entire page. Deplus, it makes sense to save bandwidth, it's green like that!


11 years ago
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Topic: Error Message with Light Texture theme


Thank you for your answers.
this solution worked:

(Also if there still remains the error message in combined .css file, then go to gpEasy's menu Paramètres -> Configuration -> Interface -> Combine CSS Files and uncheck it

Thank you for your help




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