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Topic: Gadget settings
This is a Typesetter bug. Try, for example, to change the names of the contact form fields (inline) or if you have "Simple Blog" try in Admin_BlogConfig page ... thear is link "Editable Text".
You might want to test "Rif Multi Language Manager" for Custom Texts.
2 years ago
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Topic: Referer
All bad referers filtered out. This filter written by BBClone authors.
2 years ago
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Topic: Two new rif-Plugin for test

Rif Multilanguage Manager 3.3 beta

New Multilang plugin together with custom core texts and custom plugins texts translation.

Huge flag collection for languages. 

Language selected GADGET for public pages (with a lot of admin changed layout options).

Admin language selected in admin menu (public pages language and administration language can be changed separately).

And much more ...

I have strongly modified the original gpEasy /Typesetter Multilang plugin by Josh to add more functions and possibilities.
Should be working with gpEasy 4.6.1, Typesetter 5.0.3 and Typesetter 5.1.0 (tested in Chrome and Firefox).

This plugin does not have any deeper help texts yet but it is very intuitive, I believe.

Two language, english and estonian included.

Plugin with flags is up to 4mb (zipped)

Media Play 1.2 beta (HTML 5)

This is very useful plugin for playing audio and video files. It allow to make playlists and get media files from you own server or from portal. You can select start and end time for media files and add captions.


The plugin with media error files is up to 10mb (zipped)


merry christmas :-)

Edited: 2 years ago
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Topic: Feature request for Simple Blog

Haloo! and sorry my english

I modifyed "Simpl Event Calendar" plugin for "Simple Blog", it show plog entries in calendar by selected plog categoryes or all posts in calendar admin (also now is possible multiple calendars on page and calendars remember last selected month).

My client needs Event plog for contcerts. 
Is thear a way to add some feature to "Simple Blog" to allow show future posts for public?

At the moment, my changes in "Simple Blog" is (it working): 

file text.php
adding ... $texts[] = 'Pending'; 

file SimpleBlogCommon.php, function WhichPosts... lines is closed

                //exclude future posts
                //$time = SimpleBlogCommon::AStrGet('post_times',$post_id);
                //if( $time > time() ){
                //    continue;
file SimpleBlogCategories.php, function WhichCatPosts ... lines is closed
                //if( $time > time() ){
                //    continue;
file SimpleBlog.php, function SimilarPost ... lines is closed
            //if( $post_times[$post_id] > time() ){
            //    continue;
Do not arhive future posts
file StaticGenerator.php, function GenArchiveGadget after ... echo strftime('%B',$time) My changes in code
            $echo = "";
            foreach($posts as $post_id ){                                
                $time = SimpleBlogCommon::AStrGet('post_times',$post_id);
                if( $time > time() ){
                    $sum = $sum-1;
                $post_title = SimpleBlogCommon::AStrGet('titles',$post_id);
                $echo .=  '<li>';
                $echo .= SimpleBlogCommon::PostLink($post_id, $post_title );
                $echo .= '</li>';
            echo ' ('.$sum.')</a>';
            echo '<ul class="simple_blog_category_posts nodisplay">';
            echo $echo;            



Is possible view ( in "Simple Blog" admin page  -> Posts table )  what category post entry is?

And what ui thinks about opening the gpabox window on place to add a new blogpost and stay on page to see it (and mayby alsow edit date on place and displacement post to another category on place)?  Or this is to complicated to do? :-)

Edited: 3 years ago


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