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Topic: SMTP plugin problem

Wow Stano! 

Works well now, thankyou for your prompt solution.

I've only just discovered EasyCMS but with such a committed community of developers I can see myself using it on many more projects in the future.

Many providers of paid software could learn a thing or two from you

11 years ago
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Topic: SMTP plugin problem

I can not add any fields in this plugin's settings.  I can add an item but it does not save when i click 'save settings' no matter what the type or validation settings.  Also when i delete the default fields I am unable to replace them.  

The problem is the same on two sites, accessed from different browsers on dfferent boxes.

I'm probably missing something.... please help this is driving me nuts.

PS Awesome documentation on by the way.  Big kudos to you all for that

11 years ago


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