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Topic: How can I reinstall my website in a new server?
UPDATE: I delete Typesetter installation to server. I am waiting for some reply to reisntall Typesetter old site in my server. Thank you.
2 years ago
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Topic: How can I reinstall my website in a new server?
I buy webspace in a new server and I would like to install my zip file of website
I find this information ( ) but while I did the steps of second solution, didn work after install in data_install folder my zip file.
I took this message: 

Notice: The site configuration did not load properly.

If you are the site administrator, you can troubleshoot the problem turning debugging "on" or bypass it by enabling Typesetter safe mode.
I change permission of folder in 777.

More information is available in the Documentation.
What must I do?
To delete installation? What? Thank you very much!

2 years ago
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Topic: Cannot update to TYPESETTER CMS 5.1

Hello friends.
I did update to newwer edition 5.1 from 5.03 which I have now, but didnt update!

While I proceed all steps with success, and I informed that update completed, when I return to my admin menu I see again that I have 5.03 and the update button says that there is update to 5.1 avalaible.

Thank you!

3 years ago
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Topic: How can I add text in one image?

Thanks but I could not find this you wrote.

See as example this printscreen.

The text around Darwin's photo I cannot edit.

How I can add caption to a photo?
Thank you.

Edited: 4 years ago
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Topic: How can I add text in one image?

I would like to have a description to an image in my site, but I cannot  found how to replase lorem ipsum around of image with my text.

Do you know how to?

Thank you a lot!

4 years ago
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Topic: How can I add sitemap in my site?

After I post the subject, while initially when I click sitemap I have a not found page, after a while, I began to see the sitemap.

The sitemap is characteristic of new TYPESETTER 5.1? Or there was before also but I didnt notice it?

Thank you.

Edited: 4 years ago
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Topic: How can I add sitemap in my site?
Google and Bing requested sitemap to sumbit for my website
How can I create sitemap in Typesetter cms?
Is automatic or not?
Thank you!
4 years ago
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Topic: Problem with business template.
Dear friend Juergen thank you again for your so big help for my site.
You were right that I didnt see my site in my android phone like in computer. I was in vacation and I have not access in computer.
But I find that and in phone the site is ok if I hide the side menu,
I did today update typesetter in 5.1 and theme Lock to 1.3.
I would like to ask you if the Cajón Scss will be in new update as you have wrote me. (
I have a question: Where are you from? Me I am Greek (born in Canada)
Thank you.
4 years ago
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Topic: Problem with business template.

The left side menu  cover the main page , such the main page display with covered the left side of it.

See the print screen of home page.

4 years ago
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Topic: Problem with business template.

THanks for your great help. Now display is better  but has little problem yet the main page left.


4 years ago


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