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Topic: Disabled Vet Needs Help (if possible)

Hello everyone!
I need some help in some scripts please!  I am looking for a forum script like the one that is being used here.
(It would be appreciaterd if I can get a copy of this one.)
Also I am looking for a script to handle audios. I would like for it to be able to play and download the audio file
on the same page and to be able to handle it alphabetically.

I do not know much about scripting and if someone is offering to make or pass down some scripts, it would be
appreciated in doing also.( I can not offer any pay...sorry I am on a very tight monthly budget)

I am putting a web site up for military veterans from around the world.
If you have any questions/comments, please let me know ASAP!

Thanks for your time in reading this and in advance for your help.


6 years ago


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