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Topic: secure typsetter with fail2ban

Thank You for your quick reply.


And great, so I don't need fail2ban. 

3 years ago
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Topic: secure typsetter with fail2ban

Hello Typsetter forum,


I'm using typsettercms on a raspberrypi in my private network just to test it and also for making my website. 

Now I wanted to switch it to a host, but I don't want it to be unsecure. I am using fail2ban for securing aggainst brute force attacks espacially on the ssh protocol. And know I would like to secure the login of the typsettercms admin area.


Fail2ban is working by checking the log files and realising the faild logins and banning their IP for a period of time or for ever.


Could you guys help me? Thank you.

3 years ago


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