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Topic: What haven't I done??? WHERE is the Gallery?
Thank you again Juergen.  It is the simple tings I get stuck on. :)
2 months ago
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Topic: What haven't I done??? WHERE is the Gallery?
I must have missed something. I've installed several addons , but the gallery I cannot find. 
Where is it intended for?
Where would it normally appear?
Do I have to " enable it? "

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Topic: Blank-Space above post! How do get rid of.

I'm making good progress so far and this is really pleasing. With the FCKEditor everything falls into place. I am so impressed that this CMS and Blog system deploys it. I cannot explain. Superb. 

I have a small issue that oddly I cannot master. Could be because of code terminology.... something... I dont know what. 

The space above the post is an irritance. I cannot find it where ever I look. So its confusing.  on the blog system it leaves a kind of oversized gap making the post below not apparent at first glance. You have to scroll into the dead space which initially feels like no further posts. 

This is the Cajón Scss/sidemenu theme. 
But I presume the code access isnide Typesetter is the same for every theme. 

If someone could point me in the right direction that would be super. 
Many thanks.


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Topic: TOTALLY IMPRESSED - But......I need a lil help.
SOLVED! Thankyou.
2 months ago
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Topic: TOTALLY IMPRESSED - But......I need a lil help.

Good afternoon, or in my world Evening. 

My name is Neil Armstrong.. literally. I just installed Typesetter after scanning for 5 months about a thousand flat file blogs. 

I have to say FCKEditor won me over.  ANYTHING that uses that has to be worthy of my time. 

I host with Heart Internet, so the server is fast and fine. 

But looking at the way this system works I have some questions. 

1. On the menu system I need it to say " 2019 Chinese Art" as the Main Menu listing. Then submenu'd with DECEMBER POSTS and then further submenu'd with the actual  December posts, a page per link. 
Then January and .... you get the picture. 

Exactly how do I achieve that???

It runs absolutely fine. It works superbly. No errors what so ever.  Sort of easy to work through until this menu issue. 
I love it. Its winning streak is the ability to upload an image into the server and post it. THAT is the cherry for me. So many "Blogs" and CMS dont have that facility. 

I have to congratulate the developers. I don't mind donating to the cause as well. But initially I need to see it mimicking the PPPBoog system I have used for way over a decade whcih has now become kinda obsolete. 

I've been into Web design since 1995. So PHP, Gallery 1,2,3 and PHPBB 2 and 3 are familiar work zones for me but I need to master this Typesetter CMS system making it function AS A BLOG, an online updatable education Blog... because I KNOW it has to be a winner. 

Happy to pay for the right tuition if thats what it takes. 

2 months ago


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