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Topic: After Successful Installation: SCSS Compile Error

Alright, you put me on the right track, I found out what was going wrong:

I used WinSCP to upload the unzipped content. In WinSCP for my normal workflow I have a file transfer profile that omits everything with "scss" and "sass" and does not upload it. So the SCSS files never reached the server in the first place. *facepalm*

I now unzipped the archive directly on the server and everything works as it should.

So my bad, sorry for disturbing. ;)
Looking forward to explore Typesetter CMS!



1 year ago
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Topic: After Successful Installation: SCSS Compile Error

Hi folks!


I gave Typesetter CMS a try ... but it started not so great:


After successfully installing Typesetter (installation page checked everything green) I entered the default home page and was greeted with the following:



Seems as if something went wrong with the SCSS compiling to CSS. Can some one explain? I "did nothing wrong", just what I was told on the documentation page on how to install Typesetter.

Note: I installed it in a subdirectory (/typesetter/). 


Hoping for help!




1 year ago


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