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Topic: Always 1 visitor

My sites.

4 years ago
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Topic: Error after update to 2.0
Please upgrade to new version! Thank you!
4 years ago
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Topic: Always 1 visitor

Hmmm, make quick test version.

Tipical programmer error, sorry. New version uploaded.


Edited: 4 years ago
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Topic: Always 1 visitor

The counter looks only the external IP address. Two machine counts as one subscription.

Let browser based filtering+?


4 years ago
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Topic: Error after update to 2.0

Sorry for the inconvenience!

New release 2.0.1 - parse error repaired


4 years ago
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Topic: Simple Blog 3.0.4 - international version

Hello Josh!

I made the international version of the Simple Blog.

Github repository and diff file are available:

For now, English and Hungarian languages are available.

Editable text moved to lang.<language>.php file.

New version number:

Happy testing!


4 years ago
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Topic: undefined method
type Fatal Error (1) message

Call to undefined method admin_preferences::admin_preferences()

file /var/www/htdocs/data/_addoncode/n0xlzwu/Special/UserPreferences.php line 11

request /index.php/FrontEndUser_Preferences addon_name FrontEndUser addon_id 237
5 years ago
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Topic: PayPal return - XSS error

Thank you! Coming soon... :-)


8 years ago
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Topic: PayPal return - XSS error


My new plugin communicate PayPal servers.  If the purchase is successfull and back to my page then XSS error.

I see gpEasy source: CheckPost function "verified" variable is true, else unset $_POST variable.

How can it be done?




Sorry for my bad English…


8 years ago


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