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Topic: Simple Blog and Pretty URLs

Hi Josh,

thank you for Simple Blog 2 and pretty urls. It works fine.

7 years ago
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Topic: Simple Blog Parameter
"... just need the time..."  That would be great.

I put the information for the canonical tag, google+ author, analytics and geolocation tags always customized template. Is there a way to put different header informations for each site?
7 years ago
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Topic: Simple Blog Parameter

I use the Simple Blog on my website. Thank you for this extension. The Blog uses ID parameter. I would like to attach to the parameter ID, the headline of the article.
e.g. ?id=2-this_is_the_headline
How can I implement it? What data needs to be processed?

Google likes SEO names. Is it possible to integrate the blog item in the sitemap of gpEasy?

Many thanks for solutions.

Edited: 7 years ago
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Topic: Where is the function gpOutput::GetHead(); ?

Class gpOutput ist here:



10 years ago
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Topic: My first gpEasy site

in the last 2 images you can add Attribute display:none;

and in Javascript / jQuery set Attribute visible or this solution:

users without javascript can now reading all texts and users with javascript can show your slideshow

Edited: 10 years ago
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Topic: My first gpEasy site

nice, your site

but without javascript I can't reading some text

10 years ago
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Topic: gpeasy 1.6.1 connect Port 25 ?


I have gpeasy installed on a local server (Apache, WinXP). My firewall says gpeasy connect on Port 25 (call by every page). It's correct or a bug? The versions <1.6.1 does not call the port.

many thanks

10 years ago


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