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Topic: Changing "setlocale(LC_ALL, 'en_EN');" breaks UI

Hello juergen,

hello josh,

sorry for being late again :-)


I am very impressed!

Thank you! Great team!




6 years ago
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Topic: Changing "setlocale(LC_ALL, 'en_EN');" breaks UI

Hi Josh,

sorry for being late...

Here is the wanted <script>-section:

<script type="text/javascript">
var gpui={cmpct:0,vis:"use",tx:955,ty:270,ckx:1032,cky:221,ckd:false,dlayout:false};var gpRem=3,isadmin=true,gpBLink="\/hennef\/testevk",post_nonce="f5a59f591d"; var colorbox_lang = {"previous":"Vorherige","next":"Nächste","close":"Schließen","caption":"Beschreibung / Titel","current":"Bild {current} von {total}"};$(function(){$("video,audio").addClass("mejs-wmp");$("video,audio").mediaelementplayer({ startVolume : 0.8, defaultVideoWidth : '512', defaultVideoHeight : '288', audioWidth : '100%', audioHeight : '30', loop : false, enableAutosize : true, alwaysShowControls : false, iPadUseNativeControls : false, iPhoneUseNativeControls : false, AndroidUseNativeControls : false, enableKeyboard : true, pauseOtherPlayers : true, features : ["playpause","progress","duration","tracks","volume","fullscreen"] });$(".blog_gadget_link").click(function(){ $(this).next(".nodisplay").toggle(); });});



6 years ago
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Topic: Changing "setlocale(LC_ALL, 'en_EN');" breaks UI

Okay. So I used CTRL+SHIFT+K in Firefox.

This is what came up, when I logged in:

  • SyntaxError: missing : after property id testevk:26:18
  • getPreventDefault() sollte nicht mehr verwendet werden. Verwenden Sie stattdessen defaultPrevented. jquery.min.js:2:0
  • "Invalid App Id: Must be a number or numeric string representing the application id." sdk.js:64:238
  • Diese Website verwendet ein SHA-1-Zertifikat; es wird empfohlen, Zertifikate mit Signaturalgorithmen zu verwenden, die stärkere Hashfunktionen verwenden als SHA-1.[Weitere Informationen] QrU_tEEWym9.js
  • ReferenceError: gpui is not defined admin.js:14:186



P.S.: "testevk" is the name of the root folder.

6 years ago
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Topic: Changing "setlocale(LC_ALL, 'en_EN');" breaks UI

Mmmm... strange.

Is there a way to generate a logfile or something like that?

Could that help finding the reason why this behaviour apears on my screen?




Okay. I read the "Debugging Document" ( and turned the debugging feature on. I also changed "de" to "de_DE" again.
But sadly no yellow error-message appeared at all.
There still was that fixed floating admin-box with the item "Admin" opened. I can close this item (it closes even animated). But then it is completely locked. When I refresh my Browser (FF 38.0.1, german, Win7 32bit) the Box again is open at the item "Admin". Then I can log off by clicking on "Log off". No problem. 

Changing "de_DE" to "de" unbreaks everything again...


Edited: 6 years ago
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Topic: Changing "setlocale(LC_ALL, 'en_EN');" breaks UI


I tried something different:

I created a phpinfo-document and there was this line: HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE de,en-US;q=0.7,en;q=0.3
So I thought: "Oh... no 'de_DE'? Lets try only 'de'!"

I changed "setlocale(LC_ALL, 'de_DE')" to "setlocale(LC_ALL, 'de')" (without "_DE")...

And ... yes! No problems!


Thanks for your help!



6 years ago
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Topic: Changing "setlocale(LC_ALL, 'en_EN');" breaks UI



I wanted to change "//setlocale(LC_ALL, 'en_EN');" to "setlocale(LC_ALL, 'de_DE');" (inside the file gpconfig.php, row 74).

But that broke my backend:

  • I could not open the Items inside the "floating admin-box".
  • I could not edit a page (that small edit-icon didnt show up)
  • I could not drag the "floating admin-box" around. It wasnt movable.

After changing the gpconfig.php file back to its original state... everything just worked fine.





6 years ago
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Topic: Thank you!

Hello josh,

I just felt the wish to write some lines. (No bugreport. No feature request. Just thanks.)

It is sooo great to see you back. I thought gpeasy was kinda dead... I was very sad, because it helped me creating a lot of nice pages in minutes (!)  for people who are no computer experts - well, in fact they really hate working with computers.

But with gpeasy: They loved to edit their pages! I never had any user issues. Thank you for this superb project!
I tested joomla, wordpress, drupal, cmsms, wolfcms, typo3, contao... Sure, great projects. But for Newbies and small projects much too big. gpeasy is really user friendly (drag and drop!) and so easy too learn! What a shame it still isnt noted as much as it should be...

I love to see it proceed!

Thank you for spending your valuable free time creating this wonderful opensource project! I really appreciate it and know that free time is something very precious to all of us. :-)

Thanks also to all the others helping this project to grow and getting better and better: (Especially juergen)


Keep up the good work!
Live long and prosper!



6 years ago
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Topic: "There was an error processing the last request. Please


I have created a website and it worked like a charm. But then it happened:

I logged in (as admin) and I wanted to edit a page. But instead of CKEDITOR a msgbox appeared saying:

"There was an error processing the last request. Please reload this page to continue."

I could create NEW pages. I could edit the new page... BUT I couldnt save the new page. Again: "There was an error processing the last request. Please reload this page to continue."

I deleted "include", "themes", "addons" and renamed "data" to "data-old".  I installed gpeasy 4.0 again. Everything worked wonderful!

Then I deleted "data" and renamed "data-old" again to "data". Well, there it was again: "There was an error processing the last request. Please reload this page to continue."

The "pages" have 0644 permissions. The folders have 0755 permissions.


The Debug-Window shows a looooooooooong window.

Should I paste it here? It is VERY long.

It starts with:
(object) thrownError = SyntaxError: syntax error text = var gptitles=[["Kontaktformular","/he...

Dont know what to do. The Website is good for watching. But I cant edit anything.

I also cleared all my browser-cache...

Could I send you the Debug-output via Mail?




8 years ago
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Topic: Downloading Beta

Hi Josh,

yes, you are right!
elFinder really looks great! Looking forward to the next big step of gpEasy!
I will try to use gitHub...

Thanks for the good work!



9 years ago
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Topic: Downloading Beta


I also would like to help finding bugs... but I can't find the download link of the latest gpeasy-beta-package...

Is there any link?



9 years ago


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