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Topic: New Page Creation Loop

Never mind. Whatever the cause, it was external to GPEasy. Works today.

8 years ago
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Topic: New Page Creation Loop

GPEasy version 2.3.3.

In one site, I have successfully created a page, but on the third page - counting the default - I get a 404 error attempting to find the page. The yellow status bar says it cannot find the page and offers to create it. I click create and I am taken to the original new page window with the name field blank as originally shown.

Any ideas?

8 years ago
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Topic: Moving & resizing text section

Got it!

9 years ago
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Topic: Child themes How-to

Is there a procedure for creating child themes in GP Easy as one would do in WordPress for instance?

9 years ago
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Topic: Clarification for RandomImage

The path I have created for Images is the same as in the screenshot on the Random Image page. In fact, until I got it set, the placement said "Invalid path.

The actual path is /_uploaded/images/random - is this correct? The files are PNG.

9 years ago
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Topic: Google Font API

Interested to know if anyone has implemented Google fonts with GPEasy?



9 years ago
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Topic: gpEasy on a completely secure subdomain

I am working on a site for a church with an existing site built with one of the higher end open-source projects. The folks at the church are very adamant that their identities will not be exposed. I currently have the member's site set up in a subdomain using gpEasy primarily for the gallery which is used as a directorty. Addresses are in the Caption field.

I plan to have the user login happen at the top-level and members redirected to the subdomain. My question is: How do I password protect the subdomain from any outside access with the exception of the users that are logged in at the top-level? And how do I set up gpEasy to accept the credentials without two logins?

As I type here, it occurs to me this may need to happen at the ISP level, but please, any ideas are welcome.



10 years ago
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Topic: Simple Frame Config?

The config for the Simple frame confg asks for a relative path. Given that how would one enter a Google calendar path?

10 years ago
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Topic: Colorbox Gallery Tweak

I have some images that will be displayed in the final page as file inclusions. They do not have captions. I would like to size the boxes so that the space used for captions matches the Top, Left & Bottom. I have not been able to locate this is CSS or other files. Has anyone done this?


10 years ago
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Topic: Register Globals

Setting up a new server and this is the first time I've seen the entry about Register Globals. Says that it is on, expects it to be off, but Passes the server anyway.

I know Register Globals is deprecated in 5.3; this server is 5.2.12. Looks like they are sneaking up on 5.3.

Can this be turned off in .htaccess? Should I be concerned?

10 years ago


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