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Topic: Required element -- GetAdminLink()

I was working on my theme, testing it, uploading, tweaking, re-uploading, testing. Suddenly the admin menu/toolbar disappeared. I realized that I had intentionally but unwittingly removed it by deleting the required element:

      <?php gpOutput::GetAdminLink(); ?>

I removed it as it is in my footer and I want to control my whole footer myself...this link gives me a sitemap and a login option. Instead, I want to have more control over look 'n' feel of my footer, and thought I would put those links in myself i.e. I don't need the software to give me the direct link itself...and even within that, while the Login is arguably "always" needed, the sitemap should be optional, no?

Is there a way to tell it to give me the toolbar but NOT the links? I already have to hack the code to give myself a 800x600 resolution for the admin menu, a second hack after upgrades won't affect me much.

Alternative I guess is to put it in the sidebar, although I really like my sidebar the way it is.

Or just above my menus? Can I at least suppress the sitemap? A single login / logout on the right side of my header might look okay...


12 years ago
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Topic: Simple URL

Sorry, yes, I was referring to MyUrl. I think I'll have to hack it or duplicate it somehow...I don't see any options to have multiple non-site URLs.


12 years ago
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Topic: Templates in CKEditor...

So I was hoping to create some reusable formats (i.e. a blank layout for a Movie Review), what would be templates in other CMS I guess. The only template option I can find for GPEasy is either to do really complicated positioning through the master CSS (which allows much easier updates later of course), or to add templates through CKEditor.

In CKEditor, there are three templates that I see so far...and they look like they are all stored in:


Is there anything about the overall GPEasy setup that says "don't edit that file!"? It looks relatively easy to add to and insert my own code, and of course I'll keep the original as backup. Has anyone else tried this in their installation?

For those who are thinking of suggesting using the alternate method of using a CSS for this, the small challenge is that I will have a separate need for book reviews too, plus recipes, plus a few other things. If I put it all in CSS, the files will start to look huge, no? And while main text is relatively easy, what makes me nervous is that I'll be using some small inline tables to get the stuff to align properly...

Am I wrong in thinking it is easier to edit the CKEditor template than it is to code it in CSS?


12 years ago
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Topic: Adding IDs to Simple_Search addon for custom designs

And I thought I was understanding more and more -- will these changes help me add drop-down menus?


12 years ago
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Topic: Simple URL

Anyone have any guidance on this? Greatly appreciated...I've got things lookign pretty close to how Iwant them, and don't want to screw it up!

12 years ago
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Topic: Comment function for Simple Blog

I knew I was missing something easy -- when I D/Led, it created a folder called Simple_Blog. Within that, there was ANOTHER directory called basically nested itself one level too far down. When I uploaded, it couldn't find anything.

I did get it working, but all my previous posts were gone...fortunately, I had backed up earlier so could find the post_0.php file from that, but when I copied it over, the new blog wouldn't recognize it, since it has a different file structure. Should include a warning I think for this one that upgrading involves a new installation, rather than simple upgrade (unless there was another migratory option I didn't see).


12 years ago
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Topic: Variables within a theme...

Well, on the bright side for me, I got the terminology right in what I was asking! I wasn't sure I was describing it properly, but your link was exactly what I was wondering if I could do...

I think my knowledge is growing exponentially with GP -- I wanted a new opening "splash page" that didn't have all the bells and whistles of my main theme -- and managed to duplicate theme, delete the sidebar and menu, widen the content field, and assign the theme to my opening page, all in about 5 minutes of deciding what I wanted to do. Much better than the 3 hours it took to figure out how to edit the background image of the header in the existing theme I was adapting about a week ago!


12 years ago
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Topic: Comment function for Simple Blog

Okay, I'm missing something obvious here, as I don't see any options for "comments" anywhere.

Upgrade GP? Check.

Download / upload 1.3 of Simple Blog? Check

Go to Admin/plug in manager -- 1.2.1 of "Simple Blog" shows up, 1.3 of "Simple_Blog" does not...and 1.2.1 still points to "simple blog" directory rather than "simple_blog" directory. 

I'm worried in doing all this I'm going to lose my five detailed blog entries and won't be able to get them back took me a while to get the formatting right on them, as default OLD styles seem to have been embedded inline for some reason I can't fathom and changing the CSS wasn't changing the entry properly.

Thoughts, anyone? Do I have to "uninstall" 1.2.1?


12 years ago
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Topic: Simple URL

I thought I saw something about this before, but now I can't find it.

a. Can I have more than one URL? Or do I have to "duplicate" my addon for each one?

b. Can I put a Target command in the URL line somehow? I want a couple to open in another window....

Thanks in advance...


12 years ago
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Topic: Variables within a theme...

Is it possible to "declare" a variable within a CSS? Not sure I'm asking the question correctly, but here's what I want to do in my theme...

a. At the top, I want to say "var_colour1=XXXXXX", where XXXXXX is the hex code for a specific colour. I could then assign var_colour2, var_colour3, var_colour4 etc...

b. I also want to declare a "variable" for an image -- something like "logo="/images/logo.png".

Then when I want to refer to either through out the CSS, I only have to change it in ONE place, not throughout.

Can I do that?


12 years ago


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