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Topic: Data directory(ies)

Okay, I'm an idiot. The www/data directory had a timestamp that was same as GPEASY installation, so I thought it was related. Nope, it was my GALLERY2 data file that I hadn't done anything new with in months -- except change my toolbar on it to link to GPEASY, hence the datastamp.

But still have questions on how to organize my multiple files on the system...

13 years ago
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Topic: Data directory(ies)

So under another topic item, I asked about a data directory and I now realize that I might not have been clear, so moving it to a new topic so I can link to a second question.

Q1: I have two data directories ... one at www/data and one at www/mydomain/data. I assume I need both, the only thing in www/data is a mysqllite database. The various addon pages though are under www/mydomain/data. What's in the first data directory (i.e. the MSSQLLite)?

Q2: Does the data directory allow you multiple sub-directories for related pages? For example, if I do book reviews, and I have all named BR0001-BR1000, will they ALL be in the same DATA directory? Or can I group them in subdirectories. I also have a LOT of other pages that will quickly fill up that directory if it uses all the same level.


13 years ago
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Topic: Admin toolbar...

Perfect...looks great!


13 years ago
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Topic: Folder Permissions's still there! Maybe it re-created it for me or something.

13 years ago
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Topic: Folder Permissions

Ruh roh...I found a /www/data directory and since it was in a weird location i.e. not under, I thought that MWiki had installed it. So I deleted it. Do I need to get it back? I assume the "setup" process created it?

13 years ago
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Topic: Seeing all themes and plugins...

The themes and plugin areas of the website here seem to only show the "top" five in any do I see ALL THEMES or ALL PLUGINS?

Edited: 13 years ago
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Topic: Help in "planning" a theme...

Thanks Rosar, I'm going with the single installation, 10 subareas, as per your advice and seems to be working.

I would love to take the stuff from those open design sites, but I don't know enough about CSS etc to allow me to copy it over into this format and tweak everything for the division names, class names, etc. However, I *have* managed to take the FBOOK theme, which was really close to what I wanted, and play with it enough that it looks different (I really suck at design, including colour choices), and yet remains functional.

Getting there...


13 years ago
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Topic: Admin toolbar...

So I've noticed two "weird" issues with the admin menu (the toolbar):

a. At work, I have IE6 -- sure, it sucks, everyone knows that, but the admin toolbar shows up "vertical", one above each other, so when the menu items are highlighted, they expand over top of lower menu when I try to roll my mouse to those lower options, it triggers the original menu level instead. No worries, I won't use this interface often, just thought it was weird.

b. However, more importantly, I have accessibility issues which require me to design in 800x600 mode -- in this screen size, I can't see the right side of the toolbar ... is there a way to "change" the location of the toolbar drop downs? I have lots of room still on the left. I get "admin" and "plugin beta", but not the logged-in user menu (and it isn't a layout issue, as the toolbar doesn't scroll when the screen scrolls).


13 years ago
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Topic: Make blog my home page?

So if I wanted to make the blog my home page, do I just put a redirect in my "existing" home page? Or do I just move it to the top of the file manager? I'm missing something really simple here, I know it.

As an extra question though, how hard is it to put the "news" from the blog (i.e. headlines) in the side bars?


13 years ago
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Topic: Help in "planning" a theme...

So it looks like I'm going to stay with GPEASY, but I want to play with some themes, and I am not sure which path to take in starting my design approach.

End goal:

Green theme, left sidebar, top sidebar (would love suckerfish menus dropping down one or two levels but will settle for single row)...header is logo to left, some standard text across, plus a search bar (either in header, menu, or sidebar). Two column design with sidebar to left and main text to right. 

That's the basics, now time to complicate things. First, full width needs to be visible in 800x600 resolution, for accessibility issues (users who have that resolution to keep things nice and big). Second, I have almost identical design across entire site, which will have book reviews, movie reviews, etc. About 10 sub-areas of material in all. But, I would prefer if the book reviews had slightly different colourings in the main text area (i.e. boxes were red instead of green, etc.). Maybe blue for movie reviews. 

So, I have three questions:

a. If I'm going to start slicing and dicing an existing theme, anyone have one to suggest that will be close to what I want above?

b. Do I need 10 themes or do I just add 10 sub-elements for say box colours in one theme?

c. Would it be better for me to run multi versions of the software installation, with each area (books, etc.) all being separate installations? Or is separate installs more for people running multiple sites rather than just one semi-complicated one.

Thansk for any advice in advance.

13 years ago


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