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Topic: Persistent log in using Chrome...

Figured out a way around the Google Chrome issue -- first I deleted the cookies, next I told it not to remember be being signed in. Works fine.

Still leaves me two issues...recapturing "links" space off one of the themes and deciding how to implement "templates" for various parts of the same website (so can't modify whole theme always as not every sub-page uses that template).



13 years ago
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Topic: Persistent log in using Chrome...

Tested a site install, seems to be working, can play with themes, good to go I think but three issues first:


a. I'm using default TAN HEADER DARK GREEN as my theme -- if I move the links over to the left side bar, is there an easy way to recapture the space where that was for the first column? Themes are the bane of my existence as I suck at CSS modification.

b. I normally use CHROME but for some strange reason, once I log in, I can't log out. It says its logging me out, I get a blank page that loads (and I mean completely blank, nothing but whitespace). So I force a refresh, and retype main load page -- still logged in. I thought at first it was some sort of PERSISTENT SESSIONS problem with my hoster (I had that problem with DRUPAL, JOOMLA, etc., but those are DB-based). But, lo and behold, I loaded the page in Firefox (fortunately it was not a security bleed -- I wasn't logged in yet in Firefox, was fearful anyone going tothe site would be "me" somehow, and already logged in) -- Firefox was normal unlogged in mode. So I logged in, no problem, everything works, pressed LOGOUT -- and it logged me out. Now Chrome is my browser of choice, any thoughts of why I wouldn't be able to log out of a site? And it is almost permanent it seems. And, just to eljminate an option, I first said "STAY LOGGED IN" on both browsers. I just didn't realize in CHROME it was going to be a one time question :-) FYI, the blank page I get in CHROME is:

The domainname is correct, I just put it genericly here...right path, and as I said, works in FIREFOX.

c. My last question, not sure how to explain it. Basically it is CSS-related, but you'll see my limitations in CSS pretty fast. One of the reasons I'm looking to use a lite CMS-like product is that really all I need is a front-end for CSS theming. I want my site to be consistent, and if I tweak the format, I want it automatically replicate across the site. I don't want to code the full HTML and CSS myself, and I like the online editor option. So here's my question as your theming looks a bit different. Can I create a "template" for say movie reviews, tied to a theme -- and if I change from say a GREEN theme to a BLUE theme, the page will change too? Not just the top and bottom and side, but the actual links, table colours, etc. within the page? I would like to have my movie reviews laid out a specific way, but if I modify a "template" later, will it replicate across teh site or only for new pages from that point forward? In most CMS, so far that I've seen, there are THEMES and TEMPLATES, and they are somewhat I correct that this one is more "THEME+TEMPLATES" are coded together? Hope my question is clear...

So far I really like the software...


13 years ago


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