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Topic: Parallax them draft

HI! I found my old parallax theme draft for gpEasy. It was too hard to make it work fine, so I put it here, hope someone will find it usefull and finish it maybe:) (It was made from other parallax theme)


The preview of HTML+CSS+JScript is here, on my working site:


Note that there's no gpEasy installed on my site, just pure html5. I tried to "attach" this theme to gpEasy, but it's too hard for me (i don't have any deep html knowledges)))

I hope that somebody will find it usefull and can make something of it:)

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Topic: Problems with parallax theme

thank you

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Topic: Problems with parallax theme

HI people! I am making a gpeasy theme and i got a problem with "paralaxxxing" and layers. I mean ... how to make admin edit box upper then all the other page???

I know this is done by "z-index:"...BUT WHICH of that "z-indexes" should i use?


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