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Topic: Hyperlink in Gallery Captions

I've created a gallery within a page using gpEasy version 2.3.3.  I entered a link as part of a title in the captions for the images.  I would like to be able to hide part or all of the text that is displayed when pointing with the mouse to the image thumbnails.  For example, I would like to see the title of the image, but not see all the coding for the link.  Everything displays properly once the thumbnail is clicked and the image opens in the lightbox window.  I could not see in the forum or documentation anything specific to this topic.  Is there some obvious fix I'm missing, or can someone direct me to the proper code for some tweaking?

Thank you

8 years ago
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Topic: New theme

Great theme.  I'm having an issue with the drop down menu displaying behind the page content when on the gallery page.  It seems to work ok on all the other basic pages.  Any fix for this? 

10 years ago
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Topic: Uploaded Files - Folder Creation/Image Upload

When in the "Uploaded Files" section and creating a folder, I receive a 500 server error.  I can go back to the folder and it has been created, but it's returning an error.  I also get the same 500 error when uploading images to a folder within the "image" folder.  Image upload completes, but returns the 500 server error.  

10 years ago
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Topic: RSS Feed for Blog

Yep, there it is.  Thanks.  Guess I missed it in the documentation somewhere.  You guys did an even better job with that plug-in than I thought.

10 years ago
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Topic: RSS Feed for Blog

I was looking to make an RSS feed available for (at least) the blog page.  Could this be done in the same step that outputs the latest blog posts for the side bar?  In other words, also output the latest blog post info into a separate XML file that could be linked from the blog page.  I manually created an XML page, but to have it automatically generated would be great.

10 years ago
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Topic: Comment function for Simple Blog

Great work on the comments feature of the blog.

10 years ago


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