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Topic: get menu-structure as raw-data (without html-tags)

First I would like to say thank you for the help it and exuse me that I take so long for my answer. This looks like exactly what I am looking for and a little more :-) But I have a addition question is there somewhere I documention which data structures hold the menu entries? Because the $menu variable looks only like a array of bolans, and before I start to understand the orginal gpOutput maybe there is a little documentation?

8 years ago
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Topic: get menu-structure as raw-data (without html-tags)

I thing my biggest problem is that I have to merge the normal menu and the category list, because the


geht's me with every posible Parameter a complete <ul>...</ul> structere and I have no chance to add a addition li Element for my category list

8 years ago
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Topic: get menu-structure as raw-data (without html-tags)


i am trying a pulldown menu which has on one hand the menu entries of the pages / subpages and on the otherhand the categories of the simple-blog for example I try to create a list like:

  • Home
  • About me
  • Projects
    --> Project 1
    --> Project 2
  • Contact
  • Blog
    --> Category 1
    --> Category 2

I alround found a way to get a array of all categories, but I didn't found a way to get an array of the page-tree is there a way to get this as raw data? I don't really like to modify the existings function because I am thinking that all this modifiction will be gone after the next update.
Maybe some here has a idea for my menu idea? I would be very glad when I get some help.
best regards


8 years ago
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Topic: Positioning of the WYSIWYG-Panel



yesterday I try to write my own theme and with this[1] HowTo it was very easy. But I have a little Problem to positioning the Panel of the WYSIWYG-Editor, because at the moment it's directly over the Text and not very useable because the div-Container is to small to show all Elements correctly. That's why I would Like to how can I change the Position of the Panel?

I already try to find out how to control it by css but in the other themes I don't find any hint. I would very thankful for a little advice because I like the concept of this CMS and really would like to useit.

best regards





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