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Topic: Cycle Slideshow Lite stops after switching page

Problem fixed by setting Admin Permalinks to hide "index.php" and uncommenting "define('gp_indexphp',false);" in "gpconfig.php".

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, Charles.


10 years ago
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Topic: Cycle Slideshow Lite stops after switching page

I have set up the slideshow to display uploaded images on my home page using lines like '<img src="data/_uploaded/image/slideshow/slide1.jpg"/>'.
This works without a problem on localhost.
When accessed on a remote host however there is a problem ...
The sideshow works when the home page first loads, but if I switch to a different page then back to the home page the slideshow frame remains blank.
I notice that on switching back to the home page 'index.php/' has been appended to the URL. If I delete this and hit 'enter' the slideshow starts again.
If I replace my image references with lines like '<img src=""/>', referencing remote images as in the documentation example, the slideshow works perfectly on local and remote hosts in spite of 'index.php/'.
Firefox 10 and IE 8 & 9 all give the same results.
What is the explanation for this behaviour and how can I get the slideshow to work reliably with uploaded images on the remote host?



10 years ago
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Topic: Foreground images in header

Many thanks for your clear & detailed reply Jimmy.

My header is now as desired.


10 years ago
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Topic: Foreground images in header

I am trying to create a theme based on Simplicity_1_6.

Rather than use a background image for the header I have set up a coloured background with contrasting border and curved top corners:

#header{width:935px; height:150px; background-color:#fefdde; border-left:3px solid #4f0702; border-right:3px solid #4f0702; border-top:3px solid #4f0702; border-top-left-radius:30px; border-top-right-radius:30px; padding:0 10px 20px 10px;}

I now wish to position two images at precise positions over this background, but am not sure how to proceed.

I do not want to use an image of the entire header including foreground images because the rounded corners are less well defined than with the method above.

Thanks for any advice,


10 years ago


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